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29% Agree This Grogu Moment In The Mandalorian Went Too Far

Grogu, also informally known as Baby Yoda, has captured the attention of pop culture so much that his fame arguably exceeds that of the show he's from, "The Mandalorian." A green money-making machine with all the adorable merchandise he's helped sell, Grogu has captured the heart not just of Din Djarin but of the whole world, and with those big round eyes and baby-like squeals, it's not hard to see why.

However, like any celebrity, even fictional, Grogu is not without his controversies. Though he's 50 years old, he still appears to be in his infancy, and thus has a lot to learn about the galaxy and how to behave in it. While most of his trouble-making has all been in good fun, we reached out to 637 U.S.-based Looper readers to determine which of his deeds went too far, and now we have the results. 

Here are the times when audiences believe Grogu crossed the line, and where they're letting him off the hook.

Audiences forgave Grogu the most for stealing the macarons and biting the stormtrooper's finger

The crime most audiences easily forgave Grogu for was stealing the space macarons from a classmate, who had very rudely refused to give even one itty-bitty macaron to our favorite green guy. Grogu's got to eat, after all, and he tried to be nice and ask before resorting to the Force. Sure, the 6.44% of voters might argue that those macarons cost a few credits, but only the best will do for our little Grogu.

Next up, 8.79% of voters decided that attacking the stormtroopers after being captured by Moff Gideon went too far, but the majority of voters agreed that Grogu was exercising his right to defend himself by nibbling off the mean (but funny) Stormtroopers' fingers. It could have been much worse if he decided to Force-choke them, so really he let them off easy. It was IG-11 who saved him through violence, and even that we can justify in the interest of our little angel's safety.

People were more on the fence about Grogu awakening the ice spiders and eating the frog

People prone to arachnophobia may have a hard time forgiving Grogu for awakening the ice spiders, as 13.5% of voters chose this act as his worst. But again, Grogu is a very hungry baby. He needs food, and evidently, his father-figure Din Djarin doesn't always do a great job ensuring that he's fully fed. If Grogu understood that digging in for some gross spider eggs would cause a catastrophe, he likely wouldn't have done so, but Grogu is a baby, don't forget.

Eating the frog lost the support of 18.05% of voters, perhaps some of whom are vegetarian or at least don't like to see live animals consumed whole. Or perhaps they simply worry for Grogu's own safety, as consuming raw, alien creatures from the ground doesn't sound like the most sanitary meal. Or maybe they just think frogs are gross, which is a valid sentiment. Whatever the reason, these voters agree with Mando when he repeatedly tells Baby Yoda to stop eating all those frogs.

Most viewers believe Grogu eating the frog-lady's eggs and force-choking Cara Dune went too far

However, now we're getting to the two decisions that fans couldn't make excuses for. 

In second place, our sample audience were not okay with Grogu eating the eggs of the poor frog-lady, which needed to be fertilized soon in order to keep her species from dying out. It's not hard to see why eating these forbidden eggs incited some anger online, as even though Grogu isn't killing a living thing, he would be potentially dooming her entire species to extinction (aka genocide) if his feeding frenzy wasn't stopped. Oops? While this running joke is obviously intended to give viewers an uncomfortable laugh, it clearly went too far for 24.18% of voters in this poll.

However, standing at 29.04% of votes, it seems that Force-choking Cara Dune was the worst thing our precious baby has done. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the real-life controversies surrounding the person who plays Cara Dune (as her actor, Gina Carano, has gotten in trouble for voicing political views we won't touch with a 10-lightyear pole). However, on the show itself, the character was simply arm-wrestling with Mando, and Grogu didn't understand that they were playing, so he acted appropriately to save his daddy before Mando made him stop. Cara was a bit stunned, but otherwise fine. Nonetheless, the largest share of audiences believes this act was Grogu's most unforgivable.