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PAW Patrol: The Movie 2 - What We Know So Far

Are you a parent? Parent-adjacent? Got a young kid in your life? Then you're probably familiar with "PAW Patrol," Nickelodeon's blockbuster animated series, which airs during the Nick Jr. programming block aimed at kids under 6. 

"PAW Patrol" focuses on the adventures of Ryder, a 10-year-old boy living in Adventure Bay who leads a team of anthropomorphic, friendly dogs as part of a search and rescue team called PAW Patrol. Each of the 14 or so PAW Patrol members has a specialized profession that makes them valuable on rescue missions. Those professions include firefighters, police officers, construction workers, helicopter pilots, and handymen (handydogs?). The team has even added a cat to their ranks in recent endeavors. Everyone works together to help the hapless humans living in Adventure Bay, including frequently panicky Mayor Goodway.

The mega-popular franchise has spawned a movie — titled simply "PAW Patrol: The Movie" — which has already made over $60 million worldwide at the box office since its August 20 release (via Box Office Mojo). With such a hefty gross earned so soon after its debut, "PAW Patrol: The Movie" could get a sequel greenlit by Paramount Pictures in the near future. After all, the show from whence it sprung was renewed for a ninth season in February, per Deadline; "PAW Patrol" is here to stay.

Should Paramount Pictures greenlight another installment, when will young audiences be able to watch the "PAW Patrol" sequel? What will "PAW Patrol: The Movie 2" be about, and which voice cast members will star in it? Here's what we know so far.

When will PAW Patrol: The Movie 2 be released?

While a sequel to "PAW Patrol: The Movie" hasn't been greenlit yet, Paramount Pictures could get a new movie into production within a year of the movie's official announcement. 

"PAW Patrol: The Movie" was announced in February 2020 and released in August 2021 (via Deadline). That's just over a year and a half of production time between an official declaration that a film is happening and the release of the finished product. Going by that timeframe, and using the first movie's release date as a blueprint, if Paramount Pictures announces "PAW Patrol: The Movie 2" in, say, November 2021, we could see a finished film in theaters by the summer of 2023. Of course, that's very dependent on Paramount pushing the button on a second movie. But, if you take the "PAW Patrol: The Movie" box office into consideration, conditions seem truly favorable for the release of a sequel. 

Who will be in PAW Patrol: The Movie 2's cast?

No official casting announcements for "PAW Patrol: The Movie 2" have been made. Since the main characters of "PAW Patrol" are voiced by children whose voices might change by the time recording for the sequel rolls around, it's likely "PAW Patrol: The Movie 2" will get a whole new cast to play both the dogs and Ryder. 

In terms of the "PAW Patrol" show's history, this is par for the course. A quick look at the "PAW Patrol" TV show IMDb confirms that eight different kids have portrayed Ryder throughout the franchise's nine-season history and "PAW Patrol: The Movie." The voice cast for the main pups — Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, and Rubble — has been refreshed multiple times, too. So, it's hard to know who will be playing our main cast of lovable rescuers by the time a second film rolls around. It's likely the adult voice cast, including Kim Roberts, who portrays Mayor Goodway, and Ron Pardo, who voices both the villainous Mayor Humdinger and the PAW Patrol ally Cap'n Turbot, will reprise their roles. 

The first "PAW Patrol" film also featured some celebrity guest stars in minor roles: Kim Kardashian West appears as Delores, a poodle; Jimmy Kimmel voices Marty Muckraker, a newscaster; Randall Park and Dax Shepard voice two of Mayor Humdinger's security guards; and Tyler Perry appears as a truck driver named Gus. There will probably be further celebrity cameos in a sequel, should it go into production. 

What is the plot of PAW Patrol: The Movie 2?

Spoilers ahead for "PAW Patrol: The Movie."

"PAW Patrol" is an episodic series wherein a single segment of the program often features the crew solving a crisis caused by a citizen of Adventure Bay. The team works together to save the day and learns valuable lessons about safety, caution, and teamwork. "PAW Patrol: The Movie" expanded this concept, taking the crew's members to Adventure City, Adventure Bay's sister city, where the evil Mayor Humdinger had assumed power. 

The PAW Patrol had previously exposed Humdinger's evildoings in the town of Foggy Bottom, which resulted in the antagonist's ouster from that city. When the PAW Patrol is summoned to Adventure City to protect the town's citizens from their new mayor's horrible plans, Humdinger dedicates himself to destroying the team by any means necessary. By the end of the film, naturally, Humdinger and his crew are the ones doing time.

Chase suffered through a crisis of faith during this adventure, but a pep talk from Ryder helps him regain his bravery. The team also befriends a street dog named Liberty, who sticks her neck out for the team and is added to their ranks by the end of the movie.

A sequel to "PAW Patrol: The Movie" could pick up with Humdinger since he's still alive and ready to cause further havoc. But perhaps the movie will take the team away from the Adventure Bay/Adventure City area and bring them to a new land. Another member of the team will likely experience a bit of character development, just like Chase. What's reliably predictable is that lessons will be learned, adventures will be had, and new friends will be made, as is the "PAW Patrol" way.