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The New Trailer For James Wan's Malignant Is Creeping Everybody Out

Director James Wan is very good at making terrifying movies. Even when he's making the big-budget blockbusters he's famous for these days, he has a knack for injecting all the classic summer tentpole movie action with moments of true dread and threat. Just consider the Trench mermen in "Aquaman," which made their debut in a scene that was so deeply unnerving, it actually earned the Trench a potential spinoff movie. Think of how he built Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw into an unstoppable, ominous villain who stops at nothing to get revenge in "Fast & Furious 7" — which is no mean feat when his first on-screen fight was against the hulking Dwayne Johnson, of all people.

As horror fans no doubt know, there's a reason why Wan is so good at creating terror and tension in even the lightest of movies. After all, the director broke in the business with a little movie called "Saw," and since then, he's had his hand in multiple horror franchises, from "Insidious" to "The Conjuring." Now, the new trailer for Wan's latest horror movie, "Malignant," is here — and it's fair to say that fans are thoroughly creeped out.

Gabriel is here, and up to no good

The first trailer for "Malignant" was already nightmare-inducing, but the new trailer (via YouTube) brings things to a completely different level by blurring the lines between reality and nightmarish visions — which either include or are caused by a murderous thing that's creeping about, calling toy phones and real ones with reckless abandon, and throwing people around like they're rag dolls. 

The new trailer tells the dreary tale of Madison (Annabelle Wallis), who had a imaginary friend called Gabriel as a kid. However, as the trailer makes abundantly clear, Gabriel might not be quite as imaginary as you'd like to think, even if Madison says she's the only one who can see it. An otherworldly force is communicating with Madison, giving her strange visions and experiences, and influencing the real world in a violent and murderous manner. 

Despite all the ominous events in the trailer, it's possible that the single scariest part of it comes halfway through, when Wan himself drops by, and promises to bring his absolute horror A-game in the movie, while still trying something he's never done. "I wanted to do something that was a bit different, but yet hark back to my roots," Wan said. "You gotta take chances. If you don't, you end up making the same old thing again and again and again. I think audiences are starved for something that's new and different."

Whatever the secret behind the mysterious events in "Malignant" ultimately turns out to be, one thing is certain — Wan is clearly swinging for the fences.