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Fans Finally Get A First Look At Netflix's Star-Studded Heist Thriller Red Notice

If you had to comprise the list of the greatest tentpole franchise stars today, chances are that you'd include names like Ryan Reynolds ("Deadpool," "Free Guy"), Gal Gadot ("Wonder Woman," "The Fast and the Furious" franchise) and Dwayne Johnson (roughly half of all the big-budget blockbusters in the last decade or so). Imagine the excitement, then, when the news arrived that the three superstars will join forces in the Netflix heist thriller "Red Notice," set to premiere on the streaming service on November 12. What's more, the Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed film will reportedly play to all three actors' strengths in a fun way pitting Johnson's skilled FBI profiler against Reynold's and Gadot's equally talented operators on the other side of the law.  

All three stars are practically oozing charisma, so their fans are no doubt eager to see how "Red Notice" will look like and how the characters will interact. Now, you don't have to wait anymore, because the first look at "Red Notice" is finally here. 

A new image shows the Red Notice stars as a surprisingly united front

Dwayne Johnson tweeted a promotional image of the three stars all dressed up and ready to party in July, but apart from its apparent art gallery setting, for fans who are desperate for information about "Red Notice" it might just as well be a shot of Gadot, Reynolds and Johnson dressed to the nines for the red carpet.   

However, a brand new first-look image from the movie — available to see on Empire Online — finally shows the trio in a more intriguing situation, and one that's clearly from the movie itself. Their characters are still standing side by side in what seems to be a courtyard of an art gallery of a stately official building. They're still snappily dressed, though their attire is rather more suitable for everyday use than the tuxedos-and-cocktail dresses garb of the first teaser image. Oh, and most interestingly, they're standing united, with their respective game faces on, clearly looking at some unseen adversary or challenge. This, of course, is somewhat surprising, considering the fact that the movie's premise doesn't exactly present the trio as best friends. Have the two art criminals been forced in an uneasy alliance with Johnson's FBI character in order to take down an even bigger danger, or is someone playing the others? You'll find out the truth behind the intriguing new image when "Red Notice" premieres on Netflix on November 12.