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The Miss Dig Theory That Would Change Everything On Altered Carbon

Science-fiction fans fell in love with Netflix's "Altered Carbon" and its grimy, cyberpunk vision of the future. The series follows Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman/Anthony Mackie) as he investigates various mysteries for powerful employers which ultimately leads to finding his lost love, Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry). It's a sprawling galactic tale with a noir flair that calls back to films like "Blade Runner" or shows like "Westworld." It's not all dark and grim though, as Kovacs has a wonderfully enigmatic A.I. sidekick named Poe (Chris Conner) who helps him out occasionally.

Yes, he's styled after the famous author Edgar Allan Poe, and he even runs The Raven Hotel, which is also themed after Poe's work. Although it's the perfect base for Takeshi Kovacs since it's also armored to the teeth with guns and other weaponry. Poe isn't the only A.I. wandering around the galaxy, and in Season 2, he meets Miss Dig 301 (Dina Shihabi). She's a decommissioned A.I. who was originally created to help archeologists — but Miss Dig was cast aside after budget cuts. Poe meets her in Season 2, Episode 3, "Nightmare Alley," when he asks a group of unemployed holograms to help him save Kovacs from the Colonial Tactical Assault Corps — or CTAC for short.

However, a recent theory suggests that there's more to Miss Dig than meets the eye, and it all starts with her connection to Poe.

Miss Dig is in love with Poe

Is Miss Dig in love with Poe? They work closely together in Season 2, and she's the one who gives him stability in guidance when Kovacs is galavanting around the universe to pine after Quellcrist. Because Poe's an older A.I., he's starting to become unreliable and loses his memory, which is why Miss Dig 301 helps him more frequently — she even aids him in rebooting his system so that he can function properly again. Unfortunately, this wipes Poe's memory, so Dig stays with him to help around The Raven — even helping the A.I. decode the mysterious Cortical Stack as the show comes to a close. It's never mentioned in Season 2, but a recent theory from Screen Rant suggests Miss Dig is in love with Poe.

It all comes down to the fact that Dig announces at the end of the series that she's giving herself a new name, Annabel Lee. Anyone well versed in Edgar Allan Poe's work will know that the writer penned a poem about a woman called "Annabel Lee," and the narrator was so deeply in love with her he felt the same way long after her death. So it's clearly not a coincidence that the writers chose that particular name for Dig's new identity.

Since the original poem mentions Lee's death, it's possible this might be a clue for what would've happened to Dig in a future season. Unfortunately, we'll never know since Netflix canceled "Altered Carbon" after Season 2. It's a huge shame, but at least fans can still unearth plenty of new details about the show even after its ending.