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Spencer Grammer Has Some Good News For Rick And Morty Fans

It's obvious looking at Season 5 of "Rick and Morty" that the creative team has carte blanche to do whatever their hearts desire. If they want to make a "Goodfellas" parody involving giant Voltron-like robots, they can do that. If they'd like a colossal incest baby to become a recurring character to save the Smith family from certain doom, that's a little weird, but Adult Swim will roll with it. 

This amount of creative freedom also extends to the production schedule "Rick and Morty" has abided by over the years. Fans know all too well the pain of waiting multiple years for a new season. It tends to be worth it given the consistently high quality of the show, but it's painful when you're forced to pass the time on new episodes by eating McNuggets with your own homemade Szechuan sauce.

Fortunately, Season 5 came out roughly one year after Season 4 ended, which is a respectable length. It's natural fans wouldn't want to get their hopes up for new yearly "Rick and Morty," but one star of the show has some inside information that will be of interest to everyone who likes to get their squanch on.

Spencer Grammer says the team is already writing Rick and Morty Season 6

The "Rick and Morty" Season 5 finale airs on Adult Swim on September 5, but don't expect the team behind the scenes to rest on their laurels just yet. Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer on the sitcom, sat down with Inverse to talk about the show's future, and the writers are already hard at work making Season 6 as good as possible. She teases a lot more about what to expect in the production moving forward, explaining, "They're writing Season 6 already and are probably going to start writing Season 7 soon. It's nice to be on a real schedule that people can see every year."

It makes sense that the writers are hustling to get as many episodes written in a short time span as possible. After Season 3, the show received an unheard-of 70-episode renewal order. That brings the cartoon just past 100 episodes total, so that's a lot of Rick and Morty adventures to fill out. Inverse pitched the idea of getting an Evil version of Summer into the mix as one of the possible storylines to play out at some point within those 100 episodes. Grammer sounded game.

However, the actress was quick to mitigate expectations, saying, "Who knows, it could be two years! I don't want to give anybody high hopes, but I don't know that it'll be three years again." "Rick and Morty" fans will take any signs of hope they can get, and they can at least be reasonably confident that Season 6 of the show will likely premiere sometime in 2022.