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Why Rick And Morty's Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion Episode Has The Internet Divided

For a cartoon that usually revolves around the wacky science fiction hijinks of a mad scientist grandfather and his hapless grandson, "Rick and Morty" still has a way of sparking controversy. The show's co-creator, Dan Harmon of "Community" fame, is known for pushing the envelope creatively, and joking about subjects many people would find offensive. "Rick and Morty" is no different, and your opinion of the show probably depends on your tolerance for "edgy" humor.

A recent episode in the show's fifth season has caused even some diehard "Rick and Morty" fans to wonder if Harmon and company went too far. It's the second time the show hit this subject during Season 5 — "Rick and Morty" doesn't always have plot lines that recur through multiple episodes, so when it does, fans get excited. But this time, not everyone was thrilled to be reminded about one of season 5's low points. (Depending on your sense of humor.)

Without further ado, here's the controversial "Rick and Morty" episode that got Reddit talking.

Love jokes about one of society's biggest taboos? Then you'll love this episode

Yep, it's the "incest baby" (His return was leaked a few weeks ago). The controversy begins with the fourth episode of Season 5, "Rickdependence Spray." To make a long story short, Morty's mutated genetic material is inadvertently combined with one of his sister Summer's eggs, creating a giant baby which is then shot into space.

Most fans thought that was the last they'd hear of the incest baby, but not so. Three episodes later, it appears again in "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion." In this mecha anime-themed episode, Rick and his family find themselves battling a super-mecha in space. To defeat it, Summer is able to telepathically communicate with the incest baby and pilot it to victory.

Fans were divided about the return of the incest baby. While admitting that they liked the episode's overall story and jokes, lots of Redditors just didn't think the incest baby was worthy of an encore. Others just found it too disturbing to be funny, like u/vegansuspect: "Thinking of a baby created by summer and morty gives me gag reflexes whenever it's mentioned."

However, we all know humor is subjective, and several fans loved the return of the incest baby for the same reasons. To them, the incest baby was hilarious, and the comeback was a satisfying end to its storyline. u/InvaderDJ thought so, saying, "I think this episode really paid off the incest baby storyline. It makes it all worth it."

There you have it. The incest baby: the official Rorschach test of 2021.