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The Most Heartbreaking Part Of AHS: Murder House To Fans

The following article includes mentions of suicide.

Only real horror can break a heart wide open, as the folks who inhabit the "Murder House" in the "American Horror Story" universe know all too well. The house's ghosts were mostly murdered violently, and are forever stuck in limbo with those who lead them to their untimely deaths. That's not a happy afterlife no matter how you slice it, and many of the property's denizens are miserable beings who either try to protect the living from the mistakes they made or have followed in the footsteps of the wicked spirits that came before them and become wanton murderers.

Being entombed in the house they once loved and hoped would provide a happy start for them is punishment enough for many of the ghosts stuck in the show's Murder House, but the fans of the series who congregate on the "American Horror Story" subreddit have pointed out an even sadder, darker fact about the spirits trapped there. With that in mind, what do "American Horror Story" fans agree is the most heartbreaking part of life in the Murder House?

AHS: Murder House's vision of the afterlife makes fans uncomfortable

"The fact that the ghosts are trapped for eternity with their guilt and sins makes my skin crawl," wrote u/Substantial-Two2743 about the show's Murder House in a recent post on the "American Horror Story" subreddit. Additionally, the reveal that Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga) didn't realize her suicide attempt had been successful until Tate (Evan Peters) took her into the house's crawlspace and showed Violet her own rotting body apparently hit the user "hard." "We either fear death or life. This made me fear Afterlife," the Redditor admitted.

It isn't just Violet's death in "Murder House" that has broken the hearts of many "American Horror Story" fans over the years either. u/Vixie84 added that maid Moira O'Hara's (Alexandra Breckenridge/Frances Conroy) death in the house makes them sad as well, with the user lamenting the fact that the character "is trapped there and all she wants to do is go and be with her mum." Elsewhere, u/TootlesFTW pointed out that one of the reasons why the show's "Murder House" season is so effective is that many of its so-called protagonists are "repulsive" and yet sympathetic, which causes you to "feel bad" for them even though many of them have done truly rotten things.

u/Waste_Mango_2103 also noted that living in the Murder House doesn't necessarily have to be considered bad news, writing, "If you die in that house your never lonely anymore. Instant family." At least, that's one way of looking at what is an undeniably grim situation.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.