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Warwick Davis Gives A Tour Of The Han Solo Set

If you're a Star Wars fan, well, the last several days have been pretty fantastic. After all, we got to see the first trailer for The Last Jedi, we learned a bunch of cool tidbits about the franchise, and now things are getting even better, courtesy of Warwick Davis. The actor who plays Wicket the Ewok appeared in a new video to give us an exclusive tour of the Han Solo set, and while it's not super enlightening, it's still pretty entertaining.

As part of the Force for Change campaign, Davis reveales how a lucky fan can actually visit the set of the Han Solo movie and see all sorts of Star Wars awesomeness up close. But for the rest of us, the actor provides a little glimpse of what things look like on the sound stage. For example, we get a pretty good look at the parking lot outside the studio, not to mention shelves full of Star Wars office supplies. The spoiler-phobic tour is all in good fun, and we even get a brief appearance from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie).

Of course, the highlight of the video comes at 1:58, when we see a coat-wearing, six-eyed alien. We only get a quick look the creature, but it's long enough to remind us how badly we'd like to win a trip to the actual set. But while we're all dreaming about what it might be like to spot Alden Ehrenreich or perhaps walk past the Millennium Falcon, take solace in the fact that the next Star Wars film is just eight months away.

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