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What The Final Girl In Final Destination 2 Looks Like Today

The "Final Destination" franchise is filled with bizarre, unthinkable kill sequences as various groups of young adults cheat death and reckon with the consequences. The original film introduces Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), an artistic goth who has dealt with loss since the day she was born. After surviving the ill-fated Flight 180 and avoiding death to become the Final Girl, she institutionalizes herself to remain alive.

Rivers returns in "Final Destination 2" to guide a new group of people who narrowly avoided a fatal pileup, exactly one year after the events of the first film. Her fate isn't as lucky this time around, and her title of Final Girl goes to Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook), who had the vision of the logging truck fiasco.

Corman, a college student who blames herself for her mother's murder, becomes the franchise's only psychic character to successfully cheat death, though not without facing near-death experiences over and over. Unfortunately, the alternate ending for "Final Destination 3" reveals that she and Officer Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) were dismembered by a woodchipper in a hardware store.

The character's fate in the third film may have technically changed her Final Girl status, but Corman is one of the most memorable survivors in the franchise. So, what is the actor who portrayed this iconic character up to today?

From cheating death to solving crime

Canadian actress A.J. Cook is best known for her role as Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau in "Criminal Minds." JJ, a loyal member of her FBI unit, is skilled with guns and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her friends and family. Cook portrayed the character for 15 years, making her directorial debut in a January 2019 episode of the series titled "Chameleon."

Before this, she starred as one of the tragically repressed Lisbon sisters in Sofia Coppola's critically acclaimed directorial debut "The Virgin Suicides." She also had roles on the Canadian TV drama "Higher Ground" and in the slasher film "Ripper."

Describing her "Final Destination 2" experience, Cook told The Arrow, "I just liked that my character is very strong and that Ali [Larter]'s character is very strong too."

"It's hard enough to find a script with one strong female lead," she added. Little did she know during that 2002 interview that her "Criminal Minds" character would embody those same traits.