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Critics Love Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

If you weren't quite sure about seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the first impressions should absolutely destroy the fence you were sitting on.

After early press screenings in New York and Los Angeles, there's nearly universal praise for the second installment in James Gunn's spectacular Marvel franchise. Although full reviews are embargoed until next week, critics were allowed to tweet their reactions. Most of them agree that it's an entertaining follow-up to the original, and many were unabashedly enthusiastic.

Some critics, however, were still a little critical of the flick. Of course, that's their job. A few said the story feels "forced" and that it's not quite as "fresh" as the first movie.

Meanwhile, we did learn a few important details about the flick. We finally found out who Sylvester Stallone plays, and there's not one but five post-credits scenes.

We'll all be able to jump to our own conclusions when the movie hits theaters May 5. Until then, take a look at 20 Guardians of the Galaxy facts you may not know.