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Sylvester Stallone's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Character Confirmed

Contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It's difficult to keep anything a secret for long, and it's next to impossible once the press is in on it.

The first screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 proved to be a love fest for James Gunn's Marvel sequel, and they also revealed something that the director (who confirmed he'll return for Vol. 3) likely would've liked to have kept on the down low until the official release.

We already knew that Sylvester Stallone would show up in the flick, but his character was top secret until now. According to ComicBookMovie, Stallone plays Stakar Ogord, a character best known as the superhero Starhawk. In the comics, he has a long history with both the Guardians and the Ravagers, but he has a complicated relationship with Yondu (Michael Rooker) in the film.

Starhawk debuted as a regular member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the 2014 comic Guardians 3000. That series marked a return to the original version of the team, set in a different universe from the rest of Marvel. In that version, Stakar is the child of Quasar and Kismet, and he's stuck in a cycle of death and rebirth forever. That means he's seen a lot of stuff.

According to CBM, Stallone reportedly offered up this quote himself. "Stakar had banished Yondu many years earlier for doing something wrong and he finally sees him almost 20 years later at this particular establishment called the Iron Lotus where all of the Ravagers go to blow off some steam. And then we have a confrontation which is pretty intense and it's kind of a father/son type of thing and now he's going to have to pay the piper. His karma has come back ten-fold."

Whatever Starhawk's deal is, critics seemed to universally praise the movie for its humor and deep story. Read some of the reactions below, then check out how the characters should really look according to the comics.