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Fear The Walking Dead Just Dropped A New Season 7 Teaser But Fans Only Want One Thing

There's still life in the "Walking Dead" franchise yet. AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead," a six-season-long spin-off companion to its 11-season-long mothership show, – is gearing up for its 7th season on October 17. Yesterday, AMC posted a teaser trailer to its official Instagram and Twitter accounts promoting that fact.

The video is bold and filled with scenes of fiery explosions, moments of nuclear fallout and a voiceover from Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). "We thought it was the end," Strand proclaims, referring to the fact that Teddy Maddox (John Glover), a cult leader and serial killer, had detonated ten nuclear warheads over Texas in the Season 6 finale. "But when the dust settled, we were still standing. Now it's my turn."

While the sights on display are enough to excite any red-blooded fan of the franchise, quite a few "FTWD" devotees wanted just one thing that this trailer didn't provide for them — and it's not new footage of the show. What did they want?

Where is Madison Clark?

Madison "Maddie" Clark (Kim Dickens) was a beloved character and a good mother throughout her four-season run on "Fear the Walking Dead," and some of her fans have not forgotten how important she was to the show's narrative.

"WE NEED MADDIE," shouted Instagram user BringBackMadisonClark, echoing a sentiment oft repeated by viewers in the comments of the show's social media post — there are over a dozen comments demanding the character's return. There's just one problem with their request: Madison apparently died back in the Season 4 episode, "No One's Gone." 

Her exit was a pretty spectacular one. To protect her children and other survivors, she lured a mass of oil-soaked walkers into a stadium. Finding herself trapped, she apparently chose self-sacrifice, sealing the walkers in by locking the gate behind her, then igniting herself and the walkers with a lit flare. The resulting explosion was seen onscreen, but Maddie's presumed death by either immolation or devouring was not. 

Because viewers didn't see Maddie's body, they have been left wanting and hopeful for her resurrection. Co-showrunner Ian Goldberg has not, for one, wholly dissuaded them. In a July interview with Comicbook.com, he told the press outfit after speaking positively about Maddie's legacy as lived through her daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), "[w]hat we have planned beyond that, we'll see. That's pretty much as much as I can really say about it."

Fans will have to watch Season 7 of "Fear the Walking Dead" to find out what he means by that.