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New Fear The Walking Dead Clips Hint At A Nuclear Apocalypse

Contains spoilers for "Fear the Walking Dead"

Like virtually all TV shows that had been scheduled to film during 2020, the production of both "The Walking Dead" and its spin-off series, "Fear the Walking Dead," were hindered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of "The Walking Dead," its tenth season was ultimately extended, through a set of small-scale episodes, in lieu of continuing its eleventh as originally intended: this decision was made due to the unfeasibility of filming what will be the series' final season, when required safety precautions were stricter. "Fear the Walking Dead," on the other hand, simply picked back up its sixth season following a four-and-a-half month break, ultimately concluding in June.

Fortunately for fans of the extended "Walking Dead" universe, "Fear the Walking Dead" is now back on track, and will be returning for a seventh season on a date that has yet to be determined, but will likely fall some time in 2022.

A refresher: at the end of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 6, villainous cult leader Teddy (John Glover) sends 10 nuclear warheads into the atmosphere over Texas, where the action at the end of the season largely takes place. While most of the primary cast of the series survives, some viewers theorized that both the fallout from the warheads that do explode, as well as the inherent danger in a number of unexploded warheads, will pose a major threat come Season 7. During Comic-Con 2021, fans got their first look at the world of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 7, and as expected, the fallout from the nuclear attack does indeed look to play a major part in the series' continuation.

Two apocalypses

AMC premiered two roughly three-minute-long clips of the upcoming season of "Fear the Walking Dead" during Comic-Con. The first of the two clips focuses on Morgan (Lennie James) and Grace (Karen David). First, they're shown caring for the baby of Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales), who was among the victims of Teddy's nuclear attack, thus leaving her baby in the Morgan and Grace's care. They're now living in a submarine, hence how they survived the series of nuclear explosions. In the preview's second half, Morgan dons a protective suit to explore the now-irradiated wastelands of Texas. This presumably means that, while Morgan and Grace now call their submarine home, they must still venture out onto the irradiated land from time to time, if not permanently, depending on when that portion of the clip takes place. Morgan even encounters a zombie, but the nuclear blast has both injured it and trapped it under a shopping cart, rendering it immobile.

The second clip is centered on June (Jenna Elfman) and John Sr. (Keith Carradine). They're now taking refuge in a bomb shelter built by Teddy. In the clip's opening, a falling shelf awakens John from a light slumber. John and June immediately notice a broken portion of the wall that was previously hidden behind the shelf. When they investigate the room behind the wall, they discover what was once Teddy's torture chamber. While we don't yet see John and June explore the irradiated wastelands above ground themselves, they're most likely not going to want to live in a shelter with a broken-in torture chamber for long.

More details about the dual apocalypses of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 7 — both zombie violence and nuclear devastation, combined in grisly detail — should surface as its 2022 premiere nears.