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The Mummy: Sofia Boutella Reveals More About Her Villain

Sofia Boutella's character is not happy in the upcoming reboot of the Mummy franchise. The actress spoke about her villainess at CinemaCon, and she said that she is a former princess who was promised a pharaoh position, only to have it all ripped away from her. The princess, who knows how to summon gods, gets pretty mad about it and ends up accidentally summoning the wrong god, something which "stays with her," according to Boutella.

"Playing a monster was really interesting to me, but also the fact that the mummy was a woman," she said, according to The Wrap. "Whenever something happens, there's always a monster within us." This character description fits well with the tease at the end of the first trailer, which says that the princess "will claim what she has been denied."

The Mummy screened a second trailer at CinemaCon which showed some new action scenes not shown in the first, and although it hasn't been said when that new footage will be released to the public, The Hollywood Reporter has some insights into what to expect when the trailer finally does hit in the Internet. The trailer apparently reveals that Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is the vehicle through which the Mummy can return, something which was partially inferred in the first trailer but will apparently be revealed more clearly in the second.

The first trailer, although it doesn't provide as much information as the second apparently will, is pretty epic, showing most of a Zero G stunt on a plane, which apparently took 64 takes to film. Although there was quite a lot of vomit during that time from crew members, Annabelle Wallis said she and Cruise both avoided losing their lunches.

The Mummy reboot is intended to launch a classic horror movie cinematic universe for Universal, with Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll potentially having the role of tying it all together. Javier Bardem will at some point play Frankenstein, while Johnny Depp will play the Invisible Man in future films. The reboot will scare its way into theaters on June 9. In the meantime, watch the first trailer above and read up on some of the future remakes and reboots we're looking forward to.