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The Mummy Trailer Unwraps Action-Packed Footage

After a cryptic glimpse last week, Universal released the first official trailer for the studio's reboot of The Mummy, and Tom Cruise is apparently in for a bumpy ride.

Although the trailer offers a slightly longer look at Sofia Boutella as an ancient princess who is awakened in the present-day to unleash supernatural fury, the bulk of the trailer is focused on one scene in particular.

It features Cruise (who plays a Navy SEAL) aboard a cargo plane that's transporting the mummy's coffin from the Middle East. When the plane encounters a deadly swarm, it's ripped apart mid-air, sending both the coffin and Cruise to the ground. And while it looks like Cruise dies in the crash, he breaks out of his body bag and begins his journey into a mysterious "new world of gods and monsters." Russell Crowe (Dr. Jekyll) is there to tell him all about it.

The movie is the first in Universal's rebooted classic monster universe, and it will set the stage for future flicks in the series. Johnny Depp is on board to play the Invisible Man in an upcoming movie, while Javier Bardem and Dwayne Johnson are in talks to play Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, respectively.

The Mummy (directed by Alex Kurtzman) is slated for release this summer. Meanwhile, Cruise tweeted exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.