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A House On The Bayou - What We Know So Far

Over the course of two decades, Blumhouse Productions has become one of the most prominent producers of high-minded horror and thriller cinema Hollywood has ever seen. Rising to prominence on the back of 2007's surprise blockbuster "Paranormal Activity," the mini-major studio has gone on to produce not only some of the biggest genre hits Tinseltown has seen (i.e. "Split," "Halloween," "Happy Death Day,"), but also some of the most important (i.e. Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning "Get Out").

Blumhouse's dominance of the horror market is not likely to end anytime soon, with mastermind Jason Blum continuing to line up one intriguing project after another. One of those projects is an upcoming family thriller by the name of "A House on the Bayou." While there isn't a ton of information about the film out in the ether just yet, there are some choice nuggets waiting to be uncovered if you know where to look.

Here's everything we know so far about "A House on the Bayou."

When will A House on the Bayou be released?

If you are one of those Blumhouse devotees marking a calendar for every new project the production house releases, you're no doubt wondering when you'll be able to check out "A House on the Bayou." The good news is, you likely will not have to wait too long to see it. The film was first announced back in April (per Deadline), with Blumhouse and producing partner Epix eyeing a late 2021 launch.

At the time of this writing, there has been no official release date announcement for "A House on the Bayou," but it appears that targeting the end of this year is still very much a part of the plan. As it is, "A House on the Bayou" is the first in a series of straight-to-service projects Blumhouse is set to deliver to Epix per a recently inked production deal. Yes, that means the new film will indeed make its debut on the premium cable channel when the day comes.

Who is starring in A House on the Bayou?

Now that you know the where and relative when of the release of "A House on the Bayou," you might wonder who the heck will star in it. As is frequently the case with Blumhouse flicks, the new film is set to front an impressive cast. Chief among them is Paul Schneider, an actor perhaps best recognized for his work on NBC's beloved sitcom "Parks and Recreation." Since Schneider left "Parks and Recreation," he has mainly opted for smaller-scale affairs over Hollywood productions. Recently, he appeared in Amazon Studio's limited sci-fi series "Tales From the Loop."

Joining Schneider in "A House on the Bayou" is "Westworld" scene-stealer Angela Sarafyan, who portrayed the fiercely loyal host Clementine Pennyfeather in the first three seasons of the HBO hit. Sarafyan is clearly looking to breakout in 2021, lining up a lead role in "A House on the Bayou" and a supporting turn in Hugh Jackman's hotly-anticipated sci-fi flick "Reminiscence." 

Rounding out the principal cast of "A House on the Bayou" is young Lia McHugh, who raised eyebrows in the 2020 shocker "The Lodge," and is soon to make her MCU debut in Marvel Studios' "Eternals." Jacob Lofland, best known for his work in 2012's "Mud" and the "Maze Runner" franchise, will also feature.

What is A House on the Bayou about?

In "A House on the Bayou," Schneider and Sarafyan will reportedly portray a couple whose marriage is very much on the rocks (via Deadline). In hopes of re-kindling the spark, the duo set out with their teenage daughter (McHugh) on a much-needed vacation, renting a cozy little house on the Louisiana bayou. As often happens in such stories, their vacation is upended by the unexpected arrival of visitors who not only unsettle the family's relative peace and quiet, but also the fragile sense of unity they'd been desperately clinging to.

For now, that's all we know regarding the plot of "A House on the Bayou." But rest assured the film's cast and intriguing narrative are in the capable hands of writer-director Alex McCaulay. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's probably because McCaulay wrote and directed last year's overlooked thriller "Don't Tell a Soul," which featured a knockout performance from "The Office" alum Rainn Wilson. Here's hoping "A House on the Bayou" finds McCaulay continuing to bolster his genre cred with another twisted tale of human morality run horribly amok.