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Orphan Black: See The Intense New Images From Season Five

The first photos from Orphan Black's fifth season show that the final trip is definitely not going to be an easy one. In the pics, released by BBC America on Wednesday morning, Sarah can be seen bloodied in a few different ways, while everyone from Art to Helena to Felix to Mrs. S can be seen looking very, very worried.

The images offer a few clues about what may happen in the show's fifth and final season. For one thing, Sarah shows up in quite a few of them, meaning that she pretty much definitely survived the fourth season finale. However, not all is well for Sarah; in one pic, Sarah, wearing scrubs and a bandage on two of her fingers, is shown talking to Rachel in the Dyad Institute, which hints at a confrontation between the two feuding clones.

Another pic shows the return of Krystal, who still isn't aware that she's a clone. While she's not meeting any of her sisters in the pic, she is talking to Art and Scott, which means that she is at least getting closer to joining up with the rest of her family. Another shows Alison and Felix (and what appears to be a hunched over Donnie) on what looks like a stage, possibly in another one of Alison's often ill-fated musical performances, while a third teases the return of James Frain's Ferdinand. Shippers should also be happy about a pic showing the reunion between Delphine and Cosima, although it looks like something may be wrong with the doctor, as Cosima is pretty intently examining her stomach and possibly looking at a wound. Meanwhile, the pics also give an indication of what Helena has been up to, showing her trekking through the woods with a partner who points guns at people in minivans.

Orphan Black returns for its final run on Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m. on BBC America. In the meantime, peep the new pics below and see some fan theories that totally change TV shows.