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Orphan Black Unveils Tiny, Eerie Bits Of Footage From Season Five

What is happening in these Orphan Black teasers?

The show released a series of videos on their Twitter account Sunday showing (very) brief bits of footage from their upcoming fifth and final season. In the teasers, characters like Rachel, Sarah, Alison, Helena, and all of the Orphan Black faves can be seen in various compromising situations.

There's also Kira's picture being burned (which definitely does not seem like a good sign)...

Cosima getting her heart checked (please live, Cosima, we need you)...

And even a mysterious someone getting out of a very ominous looking helicopter.

 The best glimpse at the upcoming season (and we use best sparingly, considering it's just a 15-second voiceover) comes via the teaser video, in which Sarah can be heard saying, "We would die for each other. But we will live for each other."

Orphan Black's fifth season, labeled The Final Trip, will premiere at 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 10. The BBC America sci-fi show stars Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany as a group of clones struggling to survive as they unravel the government conspiracy surrounding their origins. Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Kevin Hanchard, Ari Millen, Kristian Bruun, Skyler Wexler, and Evelyne Brochu also appear.

You can watch all of the videos on Orphan Black's Twitter page. As we try to untangle what could possibly be going on in season five, see why we think Orphan Black is one of the best shows to binge watch after a night out.