Iron Fist Helps The Defenders Understand 'The Bigger Picture'

It looks like Danny Rand will be an important piece of Netflix\'s upcoming superhero team-up series The Defenders. According to Iron Fist star Finn Jones, Danny will help the group to realize how massive a foe they face. \"Danny understands the bigger threat, because he\'s been dealing it all throughout his life and all throughout season one of Iron Fist,\" Jones told Entertainment Tonight. \"So, when he meets The Defenders, he\'s the one who really drives the group to understand the bigger picture.\"

The first teaser for The Defenders, which you can watch above, pretty strongly implied that the team will be facing off against the mystical Hand, the group introduced in Daredevil\'s second season which will also play a big role in Iron Fist. In this way, it makes sense that Danny would be the one who would explain the threat to the group– he is, after all, the one who will have had the most experience fighting against them.

However, for some, Jones\' comments (which he quickly noted are \"about as much as I can say\") imply a larger role for Iron Fist in The Defenders than they may want to see. With the Netflix series already facing negative reviews and controversy, some fans are probably hoping for a minimized role for Danny in the team-up in favor of focusing on some of Netflix\'s better received superheroes. Still, Jones has responded to criticism of the show suggesting that fans watch the series before making a decision, and he has also implied that there is more to the series than just the first six episodes that were screened for critics.

Viewers can decide just exactly how they feel about Danny Rand when Iron Fist\'s first season hits Netflix on March 17, and they can see his role in The Defenders when the series premieres later this year. In the meantime, see the untold truth of the team.