Unanswered Questions From Daredevil Season 2

Netflix's Daredevil had a fairly tight first season. It alluded to other potential plotlines, but it pretty much told one story and wrapped up the majority of loose ends. That was probably because the creators didn't know if the show would be popular enough for a second season. With the show being a hit, that means that the second season was free to leave some loose ends to be tied up later on, and they sure did. Here are some unanswered questions that need to be addressed in Daredevil season 3, The Defenders, Luke Cage, or a potential Punisher spin-off.

What happened to Frank Castle in the Middle East?

During the trial of the Punisher, Frank Castle's old commanding officer takes the stand and tells a story about how Castle saved his entire unit while they were trapped in enemy territory. Castle single-handedly cleared the landing zone for their extraction and none of his comrades were killed, although his commanding officer lost his arm. Later on, it's revealed that Castle's old commanding officer is actually the powerful drug dealer known as the Blacksmith, and he's ultimately responsible for the death of Castle's family. Right before he dies, the Colonel implies that Castle's crusade is actually related to whatever happened in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Karen Page begs Castle to tell her what that means, but he refuses. He's obviously upset by it, so what happened? Did Castle not really save his unit? Why wouldn't Castle just answer the question? The Punisher kills a lot of people, but he's never really rude like that.

What exactly was the deal with the Blacksmith's organization?

Karen Page uncovers the secret of the Blacksmith when she visits the Colonel's house and recognizes a man in a picture as one of the soldiers who attacked Castle on a drug-carrying boat the night before. The problem is that the soldier in the picture had been horrifically wounded in battle. What exactly was the deal with that? How did the soldier go from being wounded that much to back to normal, presumably winning a Purple Heart, and working for a drug dealer? If the Colonel's decision-making got his platoon in a near-death scenario that Castle ultimately saved them from, why go back to work for him in such an illegal fashion? Given the events of the season involving the Hand and their ability to resurrect people, was it supposed to imply that the Blacksmith was working with the Hand? Was that how the Blacksmith was getting so much pure heroin into the city?

Why was the Hand digging giant holes in New York City?

So, the Hand is an ancient clan of ninjas that have spent centuries searching for the secret to immortality. Apparently, they found the secret in New York City, and it involves giant holes in the ground, zombie kids, draining lots of blood, and a stone casket. Whatever they were searching for, they found it because a bunch of ninjas are running around who have autopsy scars. Not to mention there's that one guy who can survive being set on fire and falling face-first off buildings (decapitation is a different story). It's all very confusing, and it isn't really ever explained. What was that giant hole for? If that's where the stone casket was found, why was the hole so big? According to Daredevil, it's at least 14 stories deep. How could they not hit subway lines, digging like that in New York? What was up with those kids donating their blood to the casket? Were they always creepy, or did the casket turn them creepy? Why was the Hand so concerned with getting them back?

How is Matt Murdock paying for his apartment?

A running theme throughout the season is that Matt and Foggy are broke. Their law firm starts off with plenty of clients, but they're all paying with bananas, pies, and things like that. If it wasn't for Elektra's timely donation, the firm would've been shut down halfway through the season. It provides plenty of drama, and it makes sense when Foggy eventually leaves the failing firm for a high paying job at a better law office. The thing is, Murdock clearly has some sort of money coming to him, because he has a super nice apartment. It's a huge apartment in Hell's Kitchen, and he lives alone. How can a struggling lawyer possibly be paying for a place like that? Even if he owns it, the property tax would be insane. Maybe Murdock could have used whatever money he's using for his apartment to keep Nelson and Murdock open?

Who or what is Micro?

In the last episode of the season, Frank Castle finally returns to his family's house and burns it down, destroying the remains of the man he used to be so he could fully become the Punisher (as evidenced by him walking away from the burning house with a minigun). Before burning the house down, Castle takes an old picture from his military days and punches it. At first it seems like he's just angry, but then it's revealed that there's a CD hidden behind the picture, labeled "Micro." In the comics, Micro was the name of a man who helped Castle with his war on crime. He regularly provided the Punisher with tech and gear. Clearly, the CD is a reference to this character. Is Micro going the Jarvis route and being changed from a real person to a computer program? Also, why did Castle already have that CD in his house? Was he planning on fighting crime before his family was killed? If not, then what could be on the CD? Is it just an old computer game named "Micro" that Frank really liked?

How much power does the Kingpin still have?

When the Punisher gets locked up, he encounters the Kingpin, who then sends Castle off to kill another prisoner threatening Wilson Fisk's power in prison. After the prisoner dies, Wilson Fisk tries to have Castle murdered, but severely underestimates how good at killing people the Punisher is. After seeing this, Kingpin realizes that Castle would kill off his competition out there in Hell's Kitchen, so Fisk orders the guards to let Castle escape from prison. Wait, what?! Wilson Fisk has the power to get people out of prison on a whim? The only reason why Fisk is still behind bars is because he says that he's "playing the long game." Okay, but Frank Castle is an incredibly high profile prisoner. If Fisk has the power to let Castle simply walk out of the prison, then he's got some major pull. How much power does the Kingpin actually have, and why isn't he doing more with it? Or, is he doing more behind the scenes already?