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Why Jessica From Nine Perfect Strangers Looks So Familiar

As if the streaming realm wasn't already overstuffed with must-see content, Hulu has just dropped another intriguing miniseries you'll want to add to your viewing queue. It's called "Nine Perfect Strangers," and it finds Nicole Kidman portraying a mysterious health and wellness guru named Masha who promises life-changing transformations to all who visit her isolated resort Tranquilium House.

Only once the titular round of citified guests arrive for their 10-day detox, they find all is not what it seems at Tranquilium House, and brace themselves for an experience beyond anything they might've expected. Viewers who do tune in to "Nine Perfect Strangers" will find Kidman surrounded by the very familiar faces of high-profile cast-mates like Michael Shannon, Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, Manny Jacinto, Luke Evans, and Bobby Cannavale. They're all but certain to recognize the face of the series' catty social media influencer Jessica Chandler as well. It belongs to star on the rise, Samara Weaving. Here's where you've seen her before.

Samara Weaving went to hell and back in Bill & Ted Face the Music

Most recently, Samara Weaving made an appearance as Scarlett in the "G.I. Joe" spinoff flick "Snake Eyes." We're guessing you missed the actor in that action-packed flick, however, as it didn't exactly set any box office records upon release. As such, it's far more likely you saw Weaving in the heartwarming, and often hilarious sci-fi trilogy capper "Bill & Ted Face the Music."

Released nearly three decades after the underrated 1991 sequel "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," "Face the Music" found everybody's favorite hard-rocking, valley-dwelling slackers Bill and Ted (played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves respectively) still trying to write the song that's supposed to unite the world and struggling mightily to make their failing marriages work. Those conflicts lead Bill and Ted on another hilarious travel-traveling adventure in search of answers, as they soon find their adult daughters Billie and Thea darting through time in hopes of helping them. That was indeed Weaving portraying Bill's daughter Thea. And if you've seen the movie, you know the actor's cracker-jack comedic chops are well on display throughout, with Weaving also imbuing the music-loving Thea with a healthy dose of youthful insecurity.

Samara Weaving endured a twisted game of hide-and-seek in Ready or Not

If you somehow managed to miss Samara Weaving in "Bill & Ted Face the Music," you really should've caught her in 2019's wild comedic thriller "Ready or Not," because it was not only one of that year's best and most original genre offerings; it also features arguably the strongest performance of the actor's young career.

For those who've yet to dive into "Ready or Not," the film finds Weaving portraying Grace, a new bride with no family to speak of who's initially quite happy to join the large brood of her new husband Alex (Mark O'Brien). That opinion quickly changes when, just hours after her wedding, her in-laws force the newlyweds to partake in a family game night tradition which results in the single most twisted game of hide-and-seek ever conceived. The brutality of that game is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of shocking narrative twists in "Ready or Not," none of which will be spoiled here as the film works best the less you know about it. But if you know nothing else of "Ready or Not" going in, know that Weaving delivers a show-stopping turn as the film's beleaguered, but not beaten bride.

Weaving played the worst babysitter in history

"Ready or Not" was hardly Samara Weaving's first ride at the horror movie rodeo. In fact, one of the Australian actor's first big gigs Stateside came in Joe Lynch's hyper-violent and egregiously overlooked genre confection "Mayhem," which found Weaving working opposite former "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun. A year later, Weaving was wowing streaming audiences everywhere via a scene-chewing turn as a very bad babysitter in Netflix's horror hit "The Babysitter."

As with "Ready or Not," if you've yet to check out "The Babysitter," the less you know going in the better. Still, we will go ahead and tell you that "The Babysitter" finds Judah Lewis portraying a bullied pre-teen named Cole who has a major crush on his usual babysitter Bee (Weaving) ... until he stays up late one night to see what Bee gets up to when he's sleeping. Let's just say what he witnesses dramatically alters how he feels about his beloved babysitter, and the ensuing fracas pits them against each other in a crazed, increasingly violent game of cat-and-mouse. And every step of the was,y Samara Weaving is fronting the commanding screen presence that's since helped make her one of Hollywood's fastest-rising stars.