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The Bizarre Injury Edgar Wright Suffered On Shaun Of The Dead

How long would it take for you to realize you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? For the main characters of horror-comedy "Shaun of the Dead," it takes way longer than it should.

The 2004 film follows directionless friends Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) as they obliviously get caught up in an outbreak of the undead, eventually taking shelter in their favorite pub. The quirky film quickly gained critical success and developed a cult following.

In an article for the Guardian, writer and director Edgar Wright and Pegg, who helped write the film, reflected on creating what would become a staple in the zombie horror genre. Wright explained that the zombies had been on set for a week before they began shooting. "When we eventually involved them properly, they had this electric energy: a pure, crazed hysteria," he shared in the article. "I needed to record some zombie sounds so one lunchtime I stood in the middle of the pub and asked them to all attack me." What happened next, though, was bizarre and unexpected.

A real-life zombie attack

While one zombie extra had previously told Wright that "Shaun of the Dead" was going "straight to video" without realizing he was talking to the director, the zombie attack scene brought out an even more ruthless extra. "One came straight at me and bit my leg," he toldĀ The Guardian. "They'd gone feral."

The incident seems fitting for such an oddball film, but it wasn't the only time something went awry. A group of teenagers was upset with the location and interfered with the shoot. "They threw stones and eggs," said Wright. "The only way we could stop them was by giving them parts."

"It was a case of keep your friends close but your zombie enemies closer," he added.

Despite the unpleasant behind-the-scenes occurrences, the process of creating "Shaun of the Dead" was important for Wright. "It was an amazing year, probably the best year of my life," the director said.