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Exposure Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Reality television shows are having a major moment as the genre finds its way to numerous streaming platforms. Whether it's seeing metalworkers craft swords, knives, and more on Amazon's "Forged in Fire," checking out ballroom legends compete for glory on HBO Max's "Legendary," or watching hot singles find love while wearing ridiculous masks on Netflix's "Sexy Beasts," if you're a fan of reality television, then you need to check out what your favorite streamer has to offer. 

A fascinating entry in the reality television streaming space this year is Hulu's "Exposure." This competition show is all about photography and is hosted by photography pros Cole Walliser and Cat Jimenez. As teased in the Season 1 trailer, "Exposure" sees eight photographers come together to compete for $250,000 to go toward their careers. Over the course of six episodes, these contestants participate in challenges that test their creativity and knowledge of photography. They have to use props, get the right lighting, make sure their subject is in frame, and display a deft knowledge of photo editing skills if they hope to win.

All Season 1 episodes are now available to stream on Hulu, but could a second season be on the way? Here's what we know so far about "Exposure" Season 2, including the release date, the challenges, and the contestants. 

What is Exposure Season 2's release date?

No official release date has been set for "Exposure" Season 2 due to the fact that Hulu has not yet renewed the reality competition series. With few details about "Exposure" prior to the release of the show's trailer earlier this year, it's unclear how production operates. This leaves us fairly deprived of clues that could help us get a better sense of when to expect a Season 2 premiere should a show renewal occur. 

So, let's talk generally about the possibility of an "Exposure" Season 2 release date. In a move similar to Netflix, Hulu released the trailer for Season 1 just a week before the show premiered on the streaming platform on April 26, 2021. We can expect a similar rollout for Season 2, with Hulu releasing the trailer just a few weeks before the premiere. If Hulu keeps the episode order as short as Season 1, which consisted of six episodes, then the filming schedule shouldn't be too lengthy — a few months at most. With this knowledge in mind, if Hulu renews "Exposure" for Season 2 before the end of 2021, then we can expect filming to take place in 2022 and the new season to appear on Hulu shortly thereafter.

What challenges will be included in Exposure Season 2?

It's unclear what the challenges featured in "Exposure" Season 2 will be. However, if Hulu chooses to renew "Exposure," there's a chance interested viewers will get a preview of those challenges in the Season 2 trailer. We may not know the exact challenges that will come into frame in Season 2, but we can certainly use "Exposure" Season 1 as a gauge.

During "Exposure" Season 1, most episodes were divided into two parts: the Flash Challenge and the Portfolio Challenge. Flash Challenges consisted of challenges completed in just an hour or two that tested basic photography skills. The first five episodes of "Exposure" Season 1 featured a Flash Challenge. Those Flash Challenges included a "Throwback Thursday"-style photoshoot where contestants recreated childhood portraits, shooting live concert photos, capturing the perfect shot of a dancer in motion, creating a forced perspective photo using lots of camera trickery, and taking a big bite out of food photography.

The more in-depth Portfolio Challenges allowed the contestants to take upwards of three hours to put together a more elaborate photo that utilized photo editing, props, and different subjects to create a portfolio-worthy shot that carried great weight in the judging process. The first five episodes featured Portfolio Challenges in which the contestants recreated famous portraits from history, shot album cover art for girl group The Aces, got the best shot of a skateboarder as they pulled off a signature trick, took fantasy-filled snaps, and shared the stories of immigrant entrepreneurs through multiple photos. In the finale, two challenges became one as the remaining three contestants were given a whopping $7,500 budget and an assistant (a previously eliminated "Exposure" contestant) to help them create the ultimate photo that best defined them as an artist.

Who are the contestants competing in Exposure Season 2?

The contestants cast in "Exposure" Season 2 has not been announced. If Hulu chooses to renew "Exposure" for another competition-filled season, then casting will kick off. Chances are good we won't know which photographers have been cast in Season 2 until Hulu press materials for the season are released or the trailer is unveiled.

The contestants from "Exposure" Season 1 were announced ahead of the show's April premiere on Instagram. The first batch of contestants included: Parker Day, a portrait photographer whose Instagram reveals she loves shooting on 35 mm film; Jose Ocasio, a passionate street photographer; Tommy Lundberg, a playful photographer who excelled in delighting the "Exposure" judges from week to week; Michèle Eyenga, a New York City-based photographer whose portraits put Black beauty at the center of the frame; Krys Fox, a photographer from NYC by way of Southern California whose photos burst with life and color in every pixel; Monroe, a photographer and influencer whose high-fashion subjects always find a way into his work; Marilyn Hue, a young photographer whose boundary-pushing work is as attention-getting as it is thought-provoking; and Anna Hartvigson, a Pennsylvania-based photographer whose roles as mom and photographer frequently blend together in her work.

It may be unclear which photographers will be chosen to join as contestants on "Exposure" Season 2, but interested viewers can rest assured that Hulu will introduce them to a handle of artists who are as varied in their perspectives and skill sets as the contestants of Season 1.