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Love Island Season 3: Where Are They Now?

The popular romance reality series "Love Island" started in the UK and has spread around the world, rivaling long time reality shows like "Big Brother" and "The Amazing Race." The USA version of "Love Island" just finished its third season airing on CBS, with the couple Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy winning and splitting the $100,000. If you aren't familiar with how the show works, a group of contestants live in paradise and must form romantic connections with other "Islanders" in order to survive and continue on. Over the course of the season, new singles are brought into the house to shake things up. There are usually a lot of break ups, re-couplings, and love triangles each season, and the third round was no different.

The third season of "Love Island" premiered on July 7, 2021, with new episodes airing almost daily until the finale on August 15, 2021. Now that the season is sadly finished, many loyal "Love Island" fans are eager to know if any of the show's couples are still together, and what the contestants are doing now. While the show's contestants only recently returned to the real world, Season 3 of the reality series seems to have been rather successful, with quite a few couples still together. Of course, only time will tell whether these relationships survive the long haul or fizzle out. Here's where the cast of "Love Island" Season 3 are now.

The winners are happy and in love

As the winners of this season of "Love Island," Olivia and Korey have a lot going for them, and that appears to include romance. If Olivia's Instagram is anything to go by, the two are still happily in love and making it work on the outside. On August 18, 2021, Olivia posted a photo of her and Korey kissing, with her caption thanking all of their supporters and saying "We are both so full of love." She also calls Korey her "best friend," and her stories are constantly filled with her boyfriend, whether she's just talking about him or facetiming him. Olivia is also a licensed cosmetologist with a focus on microblading eyebrows and lip blushing in Arizona, which she will likely continue doing after the show.

As for Korey, he lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and it's unclear as of yet whether or not the couple will move to be together. According to Stars Offline, Korey's job before "Love Island" was as a rental car agent, but there's a big chance he might not return to it, as Korey also seems to love working out, having competed in bodybuilding competitions in the past, as well as modeling. On top of that, it's clear that Korey has a passion for tattoos and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which feature heavily on his Instagram page.

Olivia and Korey are definitely a fan-favorite "Love Island" couple, so here's hoping that they are able to make it work and stay together for a while.  

Many of the other couples are still together — for now

There are also a few other couples who have remained together since "Love Island" ended, but who knows how long they will last. This includes the second place couple, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada, who luckily both live in Los Angeles, CA, making it relatively easy for them to continue their relationship. According to Kyra's LinkedIn, she has been working as an Analyst for Healthcare Staffing Professionals Inc. since February 2021, but her Instagram presence from before this season seems to indicate that she was also a bit of an Influencer as well. If Kyra wanted to, she could certainly transition fully over into the second career now. Will works as a full-time model, while his professional website also lists him as an actor, entrepreneur, "professional waterpolo player, avid horseman and motorcycle enthusiast."

The third place couple, Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg, are still romantically involved as well, but it's at a lot slower pace and with the factor of long distance to contend with, as Bailey lives in Oregon and Jeremy in New York. In an interview for "After the Island" on YouTube, the couple stated that they purposely tried to keep their romance at a "real-world pace" in the villa, and they simply want to just "continue what we're doing" and basically see what happens. Jeremy current works as a fitness model and personal trainer, constantly posting pictures of his body on his Instagram, while Bailey is a Marketing Intern at Sea Going Green (via LinkedIn). The current status of other couples from "Love Island" like Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch is a bit unclear, but keep an eye on their social media to see if their partners from the show ever make an appearance. 

Sometimes the best romance happens off-screen

For a couple of pairs on "Love Island," they might've met on the show, but their love really started blossoming once they got home. The main instance of this is Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein. The two met on the show and instantly hit it off, but their time at the villa was interrupted when Josh was notified by producers that his sister had passed away. Revealing the news to the rest of the cast, Josh announced that he would be returning home to be with his family and grieve, and on top of that, Shannon would be leaving with him. Josh posted a heartfelt tribute to his sister on his Instagram after her death, while no cause of death has been revealed. Luckily for the college baseball player, he found someone special in Shannon, and their relationship seems to have only gotten stronger in the aftermath. The two are happily in love, and in a recent post on Shannon's Instagram, she praised her boyfriend's strength, stating "I'm so proud of the man you have become." 

Also finding a better connection on the outside are Cashay "Cash" Proudfoot and Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr. The duo had a bit of a love triangle on "Love Island" that didn't end well for either of them, but then they reconnected after in Virginia, where Cinco lives. The two were together for Cash's "After the Island" interview, surprising the hosts. Cash revealed that she was only supposed to be in Virginia for about an hour for a layover, meeting Cinco at the airport, but "then he goes, 'You could just stay.' And I said, 'Yeah, I could.'" Well, apparently she did, and the two are feeling things out going forward. If you want to see their airport meet up for yourself, "After the Island" posted a video originally from Cash's Instagram stories on the show's official Instagram. Fans can only hope that these couples work out and stay together.