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Lindsey Morgan Reveals The Raven Storyline She Wishes They Could Have Explored In The 100 - Exclusive

As it turns out, when you're dealing with a post-apocalyptic world, there's not exactly a whole lot of time to delve into family drama. At least, that was the case for Lindsey Morgan's character Raven Reyes in The CW series "The 100." While the show may be science-fiction, the premise that humans destroyed the Earth's atmosphere through nuclear war and negligence isn't all that hard to believe. 

As is the case in every dystopian teen series, it's up to the kids to fix the mistakes of those who came several generations before them. Naturally, when what's left of humanity wants to repopulate the Earth, they send 100 "delinquent" kids down to their discarded planet as guinea pigs — but it turns out they're not alone after all. Given that the series has a very "Lord of the Flies" vibe with kids running the world, there's not a whole lot of space to explore family life. However, in Raven's case, it would have provided some pretty epic backstory.

During an exclusive interview with Looper to talk about the Season 1 finale of "Walker," Morgan revealed the one arc she wished "The 100" tackled with her character.  

A lone Raven

When we asked Lindsay Morgan if there were any stories she would have loved to explore for Raven or if she would have changed anything about her character, her answer didn't disappoint. "I wouldn't say I would have changed anything," she explained. "I would have loved to maybe see more about her family life."

"She spoke about her mother," Morgan added. "So it would have been ... I would have loved to learn more about that. I never knew who her father was. I think it was Sinclair, but that's my fanfiction that I've made up in my head. I would have loved to learn more about Raven's origin." 

With the rate reboots and spinoffs are developing these days, maybe there's a chance for a prequel after all. If "The Walking Dead" can have three shows, what's stopping "The 100"? 

Fans can tune into the entire first season of "Walker" on The CW's website. For fans looking to catch up on "The 100," all seven seasons are streaming on Netflix.