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Why Micki From Walker Looks So Familiar

The CW's new drama Walker — a reboot of the popular Walker, Texas Ranger from the 1990s — features two stars coming off of hit shows that just ended. First off, there's Jared Padalecki, who played demon hunter Sam Winchester for 15 years on CW's Supernatural. Now, he's donning a badge as Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two kids who returns from an undercover job to take on crime in his hometown of Austin. At his side is his new partner Micki Ramirez, played by Lindsey Morgan. In 2020, the CW series The 100, which gave Morgan her first major role, ended after seven seasons. Now plays a Texas Ranger working alongside Walker, fighting against a system determined to keep her down because of her gender and race — the character is the only child of first-generation Mexican-Americans, who only wants to help make the world better for people like her.

Only 30 years old, Morgan's already built up quite the résumé of acting roles. Does she seem familiar? Check out her biggest roles so far, and keep an eye out for more to come.

Lindsey Morgan played Kristina Corinthos-Davis in General Hospital

For one year and 66 episodes, Morgan played Kristina Corinthos-Davis in the long-running soap operaGeneral Hospital. The show started in 1963 and it's aired more than 14,000 episodes. Morgan joined the show in 2012 in the recast role of Kristina, the daughter of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). The role was previously played by a handful of actors, most notably Lexi Ainsworth, who played the character for a couple of years before Morgan and has returned to the role after.

On General Hospital, Morgan's character Kristina returns from college at Yale to face her parents and the accusation that they bribed the university to accept her. She decides to embrace the nickname that her classmates bullied her with, "mob princess," and start a reality show with that title. Through the show, she meets a producer, Trey Mitchell (Erik Valdez), in whom she is very interested, but he seems to only care about her association with the mob. He finally gives her a chance, and they quickly fall in love and get married. Of course, knowing the history of General Hospital, you can guess how well their relationship goes.

About a year after she started on the series, Morgan ended her run as Kristina. She shared the news on social media, saying, "I'm not sure where Kristina is headed next but it was a beyond amazing opportunity to portray her" (via Soap Central).

Morgan brought mechanic Raven Reyes to life in The 100

In 2014, Morgan got her breakout role when she joined the cast of The 100, the CW's science-fiction drama series, set more than 100 years in the future. The remainder of the human race lives on a space station called the Ark, following an apocalyptic event made the planet uninhabitable; in the hope that the Earth is now livable again, a generation full of teenage delinquents is sent to the ground as a test. The group of teenagers, calling themselves "the 100," adapt and build a new society there, encountering power struggles, relationship drama, and unexpected changes in nature. Oh, and there are "grounders" — people who survived the initial apocalyptic destruction and live in communities all over Earth — and they aren't very welcoming to this new group of settlers.

Morgan's character, Raven Reyes, is a mechanic on the Ark. She is sent down after the first group to investigate a loss of communication between the space station and the 100. She quickly becomes an important member of the group, as they try to negotiate with the unfriendly grounders, and, when that doesn't work, eventually fight back. Intelligent and resourceful, Raven helps save the 100 on many occasions as they navigate disease, war, a hostile artificial intelligence, and another apocalyptic event. After seven seasons, The 100 came to an end in 2020. There is a potential spinoff in development called The 100: Second Dawn, but, according to The 100 creator and showrunner Jason Rothenberg, it's still "up in the air" (via TV Line).

Morgan fought off an alien invasion as Captain Rose in Beyond Skyline and Skylines

While working on The 100, Morgan joined the sci-fi action sequel to 2010's Skyline, a movie about a group of people in Los Angeles facing an alien invasion. Picking up where that the first film left off, 2017's Beyond Skyline features Frank Grillo as Mark Corkey, an ex-detective determined to rescue his son from an alien spaceship after he's abducted. While the first film was more of a survival movie, the sequel goes all-in on the alien action, and Grillo delivers as the intense protagonist.

Morgan only has a small role at the end of Beyond Skyline as a grown-up version of Mark's daughter, Captain Rose Corley. This appearance sets her up as the protagonist of the 2020 film Skylines, the third in the series. In the newest installment, a virus starts infecting the good aliens on Earth and turning them against humans. Rose, an alien-human hybrid born with special abilities, could be Earth's last hope. Risking her life to save the world, Rose travels to the planet of Cobalt 1, using her powers to stop the aliens once and for all.