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Murder Mystery 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Adam Sandler is something of a divisive figure when it comes to his brand of comedy. While his films generally do not fare well with critics, general audiences usually flock to his movies. Presumably, this led to his massive deal with streaming giant Netflix, which, as of this writing, will include 10 films in total (per IndieWire). One of those projects will be a sequel to "Murder Mystery," which was the most-viewed title on Netflix in 2019 (via Entertainment Weekly).

Focusing on Nick Spitz (Sandler) and his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston), "Murder Mystery" combined the classic whodunit setup with Sandler's brand of lowbrow, slapstick comedy. As the title suggests, the movie sees Nick and Audrey trying to solve a murder while both clearing their own names and trying to repair their relationship. It was the perfect film for streaming audiences, and obviously, viewers devoured "Murder Mystery" in large numbers. It's not surprising that Netflix has ordered a sequel.

With that in mind, what is exactly known about "Murder Mystery 2"? The answer may not require any intricate sleuthing techniques, but it's time to dive in and solve the mystery regardless.

When will Murder Mystery 2 release?

"Murder Mystery" was released in 2019, so it's easy to assume that a sequel still might be a little ways off, especially given Netflix's tendency to take their time. However, given how successful the first film was, it would make sense for the streamer to fast-track its release. This line of thinking does add up, as "Murder Mystery 2" has recently found a director in Jeremy Garelick, according to Deadline. Garelick is expected to polish up the script, and the film will be shot in both Paris and the Caribbean.

With all of this in mind, it's currently impossible to say with exact certainty when "Murder Mystery 2" will drop on Netflix, but one could probably guess that sometime in 2022 or early 2023 would likely be the sweet spot. With Garelick doing additional work on the script, which was first penned by original "Murder Mystery" scribe James Vanderbilt, the timeline could even be extended a bit further. It's likely fans will know more in the coming months, after the film starts to round out its cast and more plot details are revealed.

Who is in the cast of Murder Mystery 2?

While there's been nothing official on the casting front, it's all but certain that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will return in the lead roles for "Murder Mystery 2." Other than that, there's currently no solid information on which other big names could be joining the comedy.

However, the first "Murder Mystery" was no slouch when it came to major stars joining Sandler and Aniston. The movie included names like Luke Evans, Terence Stamp, and Gemma Arterton in its supporting cast. Given how successful the first film was and how often comedy sequels up the ante when it comes to casting big names, it's very likely that "Murder Mystery 2" will follow this pattern. Plus, Sandler has a dedicated group of actor friends that he likes to work with, including David Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider. While obviously just speculation at this point, there's at least a possibility that one or more of these actors will show up in the film.

What is the plot of Murder Mystery 2?

Much like the title suggests, plot details for "Murder Mystery 2" are, well ... a mystery as of now. A betting person's guess is that it will have Nick and Audrey once again teaming up to solve some kind of ludicrous murder and trotting around the globe to do so. Seeing as the first film ended with Nick finally getting promoted to detective back home in New York, perhaps that will play some part in the story arc. Given that this is a Sandler movie, the formula likely won't change much from the first film.

This is probably a smart move, as most audience members who flock to this kind of comedy will probably not be expecting something groundbreaking. Still, given where "Murder Mystery 2" will be filmed, there will at least be a lot of beautiful scenery to look at, even if the plot's not drastically different from the first entry. Fans will simply have to wait and see where the latest collaboration between Netflix and Sandler takes them. Given the viewing figures of the first film, it's a journey that most Netflix subscribers seem more than willing to take.