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The Deleted Kevin Prank We Never Got To See On The Office

When it comes to pranks on "The Office," Jim (John Krasinski) remains the champion. Jim wasn't afraid to go the extra mile to irritate, from putting Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) stapler inside Jello to moving his coworker's desk into the bathroom. However, he wasn't the only one at Dunder Mifflin who knew how to play the long con. 

Eventually, Dwight exacted his revenge on Jim by making him partake in a horrific snowball fight. Michael (Steve Carell) has the type of personality you'd expect to pull some escapades, but he never managed to get it right. Michael's pranks usually maintained a level of mean-spiritedness, such as pretending to fire Pam (Jenna Fischer) and framing Toby (Paul Lieberstein) for possession of marijuana (even though it turned out to be a Caprese salad). 

Audiences may not think Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) would possess the intellectual acumen to pull off such tricks, but he attempted to get in on the fun as well. The sad part is that editors cut Kevin's attempt to get the better of his coworkers from an episode, but luckily, the deleted scene is now online for all "Office" fans to see. Surprisingly enough, it's a reasonably intelligent prank one wouldn't expect from Kevin, which is likely why the sequence was left on the cutting room floor. 

Kevin uses static electricity to great effect in this deleted scene

Redditor u/Wsda10 uploaded the quick clip to social media for all of "The Office" fans out there to enjoy. Kevin came up with a clever prank that involves placing two pads on Meredith's (Kate Flannery) chair, which causes her hair to float upward due to the ensuing static electricity. Meredith's none the wiser, but Angela (Angela Kinsey) sees all, and she seems impressed. She even gives Kevin a quick fist bump before the scene cuts away. 

Thanks to u/McF1y85, we know the clip comes from the two-parter, "Stress Relief, on Season 5 of "The Office." The device Kevin places on Meredith's chair is a defibrillator Michael brought in just in case Stanley (Leslie David Baker) had another heart attack. According to the user, "There are a ton of other scenes like these involving [the defibrillator]."

It's a fun moment that shows Kevin's not as dumb as everyone else in the office assumes he is, lending credence to the fan theory proposing that Kevin is a secret genius. Reading through the Reddit thread, it's clear plenty of fans would've wanted to see this moment become canon. Take it from u/BiteyBenson, who writes, "Small moments like these cement the 'accounting is its own little family' assertion from Oscar. It shows that there's some good in Angela, enough so that Oscar and Kevin put up with her as much as they do." Others thought cutting the scene was the right move, like u/Redeem123: "It's funny in a vacuum, but makes no sense in the world of the show. That's just not how defibs work; it's like they added magic to the show for a second."

At least the scene's online to give you a chuckle in the middle of your day.