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How NCIS Fans Really Feel About Marcie

In the crime procedural CBS series "NCIS," there are constantly new characters added to the story, whether they be allies or enemies of the team. In Season 18, episode 11, "Gut Punch," the show managed to really surprise fans with the addition of a character named Marcie Warren, played by none other than Mark Harmon's wife in real life, Pam Dawber. Like her husband, Dawber is also a well-known actor, with her most recognized work being the classic sitcoms "Mork & Mindy" and "My Sister Sam." But after marrying Harmon in 1987, having their first child the next year, and losing her "My Sister Sam" costar Rebecca Schaeffer when she was murdered by a stalker in 1989, Dawber decided to take a break from acting and focus on her family (People). Along with other costars, Dawber pursued anti-gun and anti-stalking legislation in the aftermath of the tragedy (History).

But luckily for fans of the actress, she has returned to the screen in recent years, appearing with Robin Williams' for one of his last roles in "The Crazy Ones" in 2014, and now "NCIS." Dawber's character Marcie is a strong-willed investigative journalist who is introduced to the team through Special Agent Gibbs (Harmon), but Dawber made it clear in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that "no, this is not going to be romantic." While she will likely return in Season 19, Marcie has already made an impression on "NCIS" fans, but is it a good one? Here's exactly what longtime fans of the series think of the new character. 

Fans have a mixed response to Pam Dawber's character

It seems like the character of Marcie fits right in with "NCIS," as fans are already speculating about her. According to a thread on Reddit discussing the character, many fans seem to like Marcie and where her character arc is going, but like u/ptazdba commented, "It took a couple of her appearances for me to get into what they were trying to do with her." Following that statement, the user theorizes that Marcie might be directly involved in the series of killings that she is investigating with Gibbs, also considering whether Gibbs already knows this and the whole team up is a trap to catch her. 

The thread features a lot of similar discussions, but like with any character on a television series, there are also some "NCIS" viewers who aren't major fans of Marcie or Dawber. U/jayt00212 said that "I think she's okay. Maybe a little rusty but that's all," while another few commenters stated that "real life chemistry doesn't always translate to chemistry on screen," meaning that something feels off in the way Gibbs and Marcie act together. But knowing "NCIS" and looking at some theories about Marcie, it's also entirely possible that they are acting this way on purpose.

Overall, the response to Marcie is a little mixed, but it seems like all the fans see potential in the character and her story arc. In Season 18, Marcie is working with Gibbs throughout his suspension and the boat explosion, leading many to think something more suspicious is going on and Gibbs might be going undercover. It's currently unknown if Marcie will appear in "NCIS" Season 19 or not, but it seems likely we will see her again.