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The NCIS Fan Theory About Marcie That Would Change Everything

Over the years, "NCIS" has given viewers its fair share of stellar guest star appearances and cameos. Fans of the long-running CBS procedural have recently been treated to a new character in Pam Dawber's Marcie Warren, and let's just say she's done a good job of keeping everyone on their toes. Introduced in the show's 11th episode of Season 18, Marcie is an investigative journalist who meets Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) as they both work to track down a serial killer. (Fun fact: the two are married in real life).

However, there's this particular "NCIS" fan theory about Marcie that would change everything about how Gibbs — and fans — would see her if it turns out to be true. So to make sure we're all caught up on what viewers are thinking could be going on with her character, we turned to Reddit to find the latest fan theories.

NCIS fans think Marcie could be more than she appears

In a recent post written by Redditor u/plzdownwotemetohell titled "Gibbs and the serial killer," the fan asked about Marcie's potential of being the very murderer that she and Gibbs are searching for. They even questioned if the killing spree could be fueled by her desire to break a big story.

The Redditor wrote, "In the latest [season] we find Gibbs teaming up with a reporter to find a serial killer. Could this be a case of the reporter being the serial killer herself to find a story [and] get more established? Gibbs then finds out about this and gets himself suspended in hope of said reporter writing a story on him. One reason that I think this is that he never really talks to reporters that often and that seemed kinda out of character [for] him to stand up for [an] interview."

If it turns out that it's true that Marcie is the murderer, it would change everything about our perception of her, including what she's capable of and what's behind her interest in Gibbs.

The fan theory naming Marcie the would totally change her image

This fan theory seems to be plausible to several other "NCIS" fans who comment on Reddit. The idea that Gibbs is also onto Marcie's murderous exploits also explains why he's willing to open up to her, since he wouldn't normally talk to a reporter about a case he's working on. For instance, Redditor tonysnark81 wrote, "I called this a month ago. [Marcie] is the killer, and Gibbs is hunting for proof," and ptazdba wrote, "I agree she's shady, but not sure why."

The Daily Express also makes a good point: no other suspects have been named in the case so far, so it wouldn't be surprising that the killer is revealed to be an existing character. So, is the seemingly good-natured Marcie really a cold-blooded murderer? We'll just have to wait until the next season of "NCIS" to find out — we can't wait, the suspense is killing us!