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My 600-Lb Life Fans Are Baffled By This Part Of Dr. Now's Office

There's a "My 600-lb Life" conspiracy brewing. No, it's not the "Dr. Now is dead" rumor that a very-much-alive Dr. Younan Nowzaradan recently debunked. Nor is the false rumor that patients are getting rich from the show. The conspiracy in question comes from Reddit (naturally) and it may blow the doors off TLC's hit medical reality series.

About a month ago, u/1BaddRaven posted an intriguing question. After watching numerous episodes, the user noticed the frequency with which Dr. Now's patients either hit the front doors of the doctor's office with their wheelchairs or struggle to open the doors while juggling assistive walking devices like canes and walkers. As "My 600-lb Life" fans, we know u/1BaddRaven's observations are correct. In most episodes, patients have a tough time entering Dr. Now's Houston-based office. So, as the Redditor asked, why aren't the doors wider and automatic? Perhaps the tricky door dance makes good television. Or perhaps Dr. Now is a secret sadist who enjoys watching his patients struggle. Actually, the likely truth is far more benign.

Just how big are Dr. Now's doors?

u/1BaddRaven's question generated much debate on Reddit. Responses ranged from questioning if expanding the doors is impossible due to the office being in a strip mall, to suggesting that perhaps Dr. Now kept the office doors a standard size to help patients prepare for life after weight loss. Others pointed out that the office contains oversized chairs, so the standard doors might be an oversight. Some used a broad brush to paint all doctors as cheap and uninterested in spending money on their office space. Another user, u/nuohk, offered a more humorous explanation (which requires a Dr. Now impression) — that larger, automatic doors are enablers — and we know how the doctor feels about enablers.

Amidst the conjectures and jokes, one comment seems to point to the truth of the matter. u/MoulinSarah stated that she visited Dr. Now's office for fun and found that the doors are actually much wider than they appear on TV. However, when viewed next to the show's morbidly obese patients, the doors look standard size. Perhaps we need to take a road trip to Houston. Who's got the measuring tape?