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Here's How Much Dr. Now From My 600-Lb Life Is Really Worth

You expect doctors to be well off financially, but you would assume a doctor's bank account would be even higher if they regularly appear on television. And perhaps no doctor is better known to reality television fans than Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr. Now) on TLC's "My 600-lb Life." For nine seasons, he's helped dozens of people lose weight and maintain healthier lives through his strict dietary regimen, and if they qualify, he also offers his services as a surgeon to remove even more weight. 

Individuals who appear on the show reportedly get any medical expenses associated with gastric bypass surgery paid for by the production, but Dr. Now is in-demand, and anyone who sees him outside of filming will need to pay for his services one way or the other. That means a lot of money is on the table, especially considering the cost of the procedure can be as high as $27,000 (via MultiCare). 

Naturally, Dr. Now has his own expenses to pay for, but you can't help but wonder how much the good doctor is worth. As expected, it's a pretty penny.

Dr. Now is rolling in the dough

The website Wealthy Persons reports that Dr. Now has a net worth of $6 million as of 2021, and considering he's been working as a surgeon for decades now, that figure should come as no surprise. He's obviously had time to amass quite a fortune for himself, but doing surgeries is far from his only source of income. He's written several books, including "Last Chance to Live" and "Scales Don't Lie, People Do," but while he's been on television for nearly a decade at this point, there are no indicators of how much money (if any) he makes off those appearances.

Still, it's clear all of the extra money is coming from somewhere, considering bariatric surgeons have a median annual salary of $305,000, with some making as much as $461,000 (via Payscale). He would've been well off no matter what, but when it comes to his newfound celebrity status, he has his son to thank. His oldest son, Jonathan Nowzaradan, owns Megalomedia, the production company behind "My 600-lb Life." He featured his dad in a documentary titled "World's Heaviest Woman," and after the movie was picked up by TLC, a whole series soon followed, detailing Dr. Now's journey in taking on high-risk patients who are running out of time to make major life changes before facing a premature death. 

Suffice to say, Dr. Now and his son have done incredibly well for themselves while helping a ton of people in the process.