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The Character Everyone Forgets Candyman's Tony Todd Played On Xena

Tony Todd is a horror icon. Not only is he the titular Candyman in the film series of the same name, but he's a key player in the "Final Destination" and Tom Savini's 1990 remake of "Night of the Living Dead." 

Todd starred in "Candyman," which drew inspiration from a terrifying urban legend. Candyman was a victim of lynching who becomes an avenging spirit in the Cabrini Green projects of Chicago. Todd reprised his role in the two sequels, "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" and "Candyman: Day of the Dead." Todd will also reprise his role in the 2021 "Candyman" reboot, directed by Nia DiCosta.

Beyond Candyman, Todd played William Bludworth, an undertaker who has an understanding of death that borders on the mystical throughout the "Final Destination" series. He's the only guy who understands the rules of life and death and often helps characters understand the predicament they've found themselves in. 

Todd is also a vet of many genre shows, including "Star Trek," where he played Worf's brother Kurn. However, fans might not know that he also enjoyed roles on both "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys."

Todd played another cursed immortal on Xena

Tony Todd guest-starred in the Season 2 "Xena: Warrior Princess" episode "Lost Mariner," playing the titular mariner, Cecrops. After Xena and Gabrielle are shipwrecked by pirates, Cecrops picks up Gabrielle on his ship. He tells Gabrielle that, since she's now aboard the ship of the Lost Mariner, she is cursed to remain on it for all eternity.

Cecrops was cursed by Poseidon, because he ruled in favor of Athena when the two gods competed to become the patron deity of Athens. In the Greek myth, Poseidon and Athena each brought gifts to Athens to secure the city as their own. Poseidon brought a salt spring, and Athena brought an olive tree. The olive tree was deemed a better present, and thus Athens was named after Athena. In "Xena," Cecrops was blamed by Poseidon for this slight and cursed to eternally roam the sea until he is redeemed by love.

Cecrops thinks he needs to find a romantic partner in order to break the curse, á la "Beauty and the Beast," but the curse is actually going by "Frozen" rules. By saving Xena and Gabrielle, Cecrops frees himself through the love he has for his friends. According to fans, this episode contains Xena's longest flip of the series, when she flips from her ship aboard Cecrops' cursed vessel.