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Here's The First Full Trailer For American Horror Story: Double Feature

"American Horror Story" has been on the air for nine seasons already, and its upcoming Season 10, "Double Feature," is about ready for primetime TV. 

The 'AHS' formula is a simple one, but it has been successful enough to keep it on the air for nearly a decade now. The show relies on a small band of ensemble cast members who rotate in and out, usually playing a new character in every season. It looks like Season 10 is going to stay true to form, and may even present some opportunities for actors to play multiple characters in a single season given its split format.

We already know (according to IMDb) that the first couple of episodes of the upcoming season will feature "a struggling writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter [who] move to an isolated beach town for the winter." As you can likely imagine: The dad will finish writing his book, his wife will have a complication-free delivery, the polite residents of the town will welcome them with open arms, and they'll have the best Christmas ever. Right? 

We kid. That will not happen. It's going to get a lot more dark and sinister than that, as the first trailer for the new season suggests.

Familiar faces and plotlines return (but with a hungry twist)

The first full trailer for "AHS: Double Feature Part 1" dropped today on producer Ryan Murphy's Instagram, and it's a doozy. Many familiar faces and show favorites are returning for Season 10, including Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, and Billie Lourd, just to name a few. And, like in previous seasons, it features a family trying to use a change of scenery as a catalyst for positive change in their lives. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't look like that's in the cards for them.

The trailer is very scattershot, with scenes from the first half of the upcoming season, subtitled "Red Tide," but it does have a few clues about the big baddies fans are in store for. At one point, Doris cuts her finger with a knife while chopping vegetables, and her husband Harry looks at the blood with insatiable hunger on his face. A man (Denis O'Hare) walking his dog along the beach finds severed body parts washed up on shore. Later, it shows another character falling over the side of the bed with their throat slit — similar to how butchers bleed animals when harvesting their meat.

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" premieres Wednesday, August 25 on FX. New episodes will be available for streaming the next day on Hulu.