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Why Fans Are Torn Over The Ending Of The Kissing Booth 3

Contains spoilers for "The Kissing Booth 3"

Throughout three movies, we've seen Elle Evans (Joey King) juggle various relationships while determining what she wants to do for the rest of her life. "The Kissing Booth" trilogy has been a relatable series for teens going through the same things as Elle, Noah (Jacob Elordi), and Lee (Joel Courtney). Meanwhile, adults can reminisce about feeling the same things during their first loves.

The previous installment found Elle at a crossroads. She could go to Harvard with her boyfriend Noah or Berkeley with her lifelong best friend, Lee. "The Kissing Booth 3" picks up where that decision leaves off with the friend group determined to complete a summertime bucket list filled with fun things for them all to do. By the end of the film, she decides to go for Option 3 and sets out for the University of Southern California. She no longer wants to try pleasing everybody, and instead, she's adamant about forging her own path separate from her boyfriend or best friend. 

It's a controversial decision after watching her fall in love with Noah back in the original "Kissing Booth." At that point, "The Kissing Booth 3" jumps ahead six years in the future, with Elle and Lee meeting up again, proving friendships really can stand the test of time. As is the case with any unexpected movie ending, fans have strong emotions both for and against the decision to have Elle be single at the end of the franchise.

Some fans love Elle choosing herself; others ... not so much

People were quick to see how "The Kissing Booth 3" would end, allowing the film to rocket to the top spot in Netflix's 10 most-watched movies. It wasn't long until people took to social media to let their opinions known, like Twitter user @Bernniceeeemae, who wrote, "It's not always happy ending, but an open-ending. Self-love. Priorities. Closure. Letting go. All in, it's realistic and it's the best part." @forkristina echoed those sentiments, enjoying how the ending was different from what audiences typically get from romantic comedies: "It teaches us not to ADJUST for anyone, to always choose ourselves, to love ourselves, and most importantly the importance of letting go and closure."

However, where there are supporters, detractors aren't too far behind. After three movies of watching Elle and Noah love each other, the fact they didn't end up together at the end, even after the time jump, was a disappointment. @Nicole_Ira16 took to Twitter to say, "Gosh I don't like that kind of ending mygosh wahhh." @monosyllabicx went so far as to say, "Kissing booth 3 was the most disappointing ending to a trilogy." Many would argue that the film's underlying message is sweet, namely, how you shouldn't rely on other people for your happiness. Still, the fact the movie bucked rom-com tropes likely threw plenty of people off-guard.

Then there were those upset at the movie for different reasons, like finding it unrealistic Elle would ever consider not going to Harvard because of a boy. That's the only thing @unghinatspam could focus on: "Girl, you got into Harvard and you're telling me the major concern you have is not upsetting your boyfriend or best friend?" While you may have to stretch your imagination, "The Kissing Booth 3" ultimately ends on a sweet note that proves that sometimes, you have to take the path less traveled.