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Who Are The Stars In The Mountain Dew 'Train' Commercial?

In an action-packed campaign, Mountain Dew Pakistan takes its product to the extreme. The electric green soft drink fuels the commercial's stars as they embark on a daring adventure directed by Tim Kendall. His "Train" commercial involves a narrowly missed ride, some impressive off-roading, and baby ducks.

Despite the intense escapade, Kendall said, "Sometimes with testosterone-fueled action, it's easy to forget that these heroes are human too. I thought that a brief moment of pause for a crossing family of ducks could give the characters some heart."

The nearly two-minute-long commercial ends with the trio of young men managing to catch up with the train and then jumping a ramp to safely land on its roof. They celebrate their victory and drink chilled Mountain Dew from glass bottles until the cautious friend in the back asks, "What happens if there's a tunnel?"

So, who are the three stars of the Mountain Dew "Train" commercial?

Do the DEW

While they may not be household names to global audiences, well-known Pakistani actors Fahad Mustafa, Ahad Raza Mir, and Aryaan Arora teamed up with Mountain Dew for the "Train" commercial. Their on-screen chemistry and antics reminiscent of action film tropes lead to an exciting, caffeinated morning commute unlike any other. 

In addition to acting, the three stars have prolific working backgrounds. Best known for his role on the musical show "Coke Studio," Mir has also worked as a producer and appeared in various stage productions. Mustafa has worked as a producer and a model, with his debut acting role in 2003's drama serial "Umrao Jaan Ada." Arora is a producer, singer, director of the short film "Buffering," and the founder and CEO of a PR and marketing film.

The "Train" commercial may not be marketed to a global audience, but Mountain Dew Pakistan's thrilling new advertisement is universally indicative of the brand's "Do the DEW" slogan.