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How Jeopardy Fans Really Feel About Guest Host Joe Buck

"Jeopardy!" has been in a state of flux since the death of longtime host Alex Trebek in 2020. As of this writing, Mike Richards is the reported front-runner to take over as Trebek's replacement, though the speculation has led to some people voicing their concerns and displeasure over his potential appointment. Richards was at the center of some controversy after he was referred to in a pregnancy bias lawsuit against CBS and FremantleMedia, so he isn't everyone's ideal pick. However, Richards might not even be the most unpopular person in recent memory to be associated with the long-running game show.

Since Trebek's passing, "Jeopardy!" has filled his iconic spot with a number of guest hosts. Some of them — including LeVar Burton, Mayim Bialik, and Buzzy Cohen — have resonated extremely well with the show's viewership and would undoubtedly prove to be popular choices if they were given the gig on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, Joe Buck, who graced the podium for the latest episode, made an impact for the wrong reasons.

Jeopardy! fans don't want to see Joe Buck return to the show

Joe Buck is no stranger to television hosting, though he's primarily known for his work as a sportscaster for Fox. Buck recently revealed that hosting "Jeopardy!" was going to be the highlight of his career, and he didn't seem to be taking the honor lightly. The show's fan base was less enthused about his involvement, though.

As Decider pointed out, viewers flocked to social media during and after his episode to air their grievances. "Joe Buck is the absolute worst," wrote one Twitter user. "I refuse to watch "Jeopardy" this week because of him. Can't stand him." 

Some of them weren't familiar with Buck prior to the show, and it doesn't seem that they'll follow his career moving forward. "I have no idea who Joe Buck is, but he's annoying me as the guest host," another user complained.

The Decider report did note how some people were pleased with Buck's performance, but most of the online comments leaned on the negative side of things.