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Laid-Back Camp Movie - What We Know So Far

While there are plenty of action-packed, intense anime to go around, covering everything from witch academies to volleyball teams, there are also a lot of great picks out there for people just looking for a mellow, cute story — and "Laid-Back Camp" is one of them. Originally a manga that started in 2015 and is still ongoing, an anime adaptation of "Laid-Back Camp" made by C-Station and co-financed by Crunchyroll premiered in January 2018. The story follows a teenage girl named Rin Shima who moves to a new town. She loves camping and often does it on her own, but one day she meets a girl named Nadeshiko Kagamihara who also likes to camp, and happens to a member of the Outdoor Activities Club at Rin's new school. Rin develops a group of good friends who all love to explore and spend time together outside whenever there's a chance.

The anime quickly developed a strong fanbase, leading to a major expansion of the story. A short anime called "Heya Camp" was released in early 2020, while a live-action series came out around the same time (Anime News Network). "Laid-Back Camp" has only grown more popular over time with ongoing success, and so a second season of both the anime and the live-action adaptation were released in early 2021. Even now, it doesn't look like the team behind "Laid-Back Camp" have plans to stop anytime soon, and next up on the schedule is a feature-length animated film of the same name. 

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming "Laid-Back Camp" movie. 

What is the release date of the Laid-Back Camp movie?

2020 and 2021 has led to many delays in the entertainment industry, and anime is just as affected as other mediums. But luckily for "Laid-Back Camp," the series and movie have been able to maintain a good schedule and stay on track for a relatively prompt release. Shortly after Season 2 finished, the animation team behind the show kickstarted work on the movie, which will have director Yoshiaki Kuogoku, screenwriters Jin Tanaka and Mutsumi Ito, and character designer Mutsumi Sasaki from the series all returning (Crunchyroll).

The movie doesn't have an exact release dat yet, but it was recently announced that the story would be hitting the big screen in 2022 in Japan, with an international release likely following close behind. This gives fans of "Laid-Back Camp" who were unsure about what to do after finishing Season 2 something new to look forward to. In fact, the news was such a surprise that voice actor Rie Takahashi, who plays Ena Saito in the anime, had to clarify on Twitter (in Japanese) that it wasn't an April Fool's joke.

What characters will be in the Laid-Back Camp movie?

While the story of "Laid-Back Camp" centers around Rin and Nadeshiko, they are constantly surrounded by a group of loyal friends from school who all also love camping. At Motosu High School, two girls named Chiaki Ōgaki and Aoi Inuyama are the founding members of the Outdoor Activities Club, leading the camping activities that Rin and the others always participate in, while Rin's friend from school, Ena, is also a member of the club. All the girls get along really well, welcoming Nadeshiko as a new member and keeping up a kind and cheerful mood. Sometimes they can be a bit mischievous, especially in the case of Chiaki and Aoi, who often play pranks on the other girls.

"Laid-Back Camp" also explores the familial relationships of the girls as well as their school life, so there are a few important supporting characters to note. Nadeshiko's mother and father, Shizuka and Shūichirō Kagamihara, make an appearance, as does her older sister, Sakura. There's also Rin's mother and father, Saki and Wataru Shima, Aoi's younger sister Akari Inuyama, the Outdoor Activities Club's teacher advisor Minami Toba, as well as a few more significant supporting characters.

What will the Laid-Back Camp movie be about?

The plot of "Laid-Back Camp" is quite simple, just a bunch of close friends going on trips across Japan, bonding and having fun. Like the title suggests, there's not too much action going on here, and the story presents a relaxing experience for both the characters and the audience. In Season 2 of the anime, the Outdoor Activities Club takes a big trip to the Izu Peninsula on the southern side of the country. It's a big trip, and overall the club spends three days camping. Rin, who tends to enjoy spending time camping alone, opens up more to the group experience, allowing her to get closer to the rest of the girls. The second season also further develops the girls' backstories, and their families in particular, which is bound to be expanded on in the upcoming movie. 

As of right now, no official synopsis or sneak peak of the "Laid-Back Camp" movie's plot has been released, but it's likely a similar continuation of the story from Season 2. An added bonus from the franchise is that the show goes deep into camping activities, teaching the audience a thing or two about important skills like how to pitch a tent or start a campfire, among others. The story is expected to be quiet, easygoing, and enjoyable, a true feel good story, and the whole "Laid-Back Camp" franchise is a perfect pick for audiences who like soft and cute anime like Studio Ghibli's films. When the "Laid-Back Camp" movie finally arrives, it will feel like meeting up with an old friend, reminiscing about the good times of the past and hoping to make a few more great memories.