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The Ratcatcher 2 Moment In The Suicide Squad That Made No Sense

Contains spoilers for "The Suicide Squad"

With "Guardians of the Galaxy," director James Gunn introduced the world to a bunch of D-list comic book characters like Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Now that "The Suicide Squad," also directed by Gunn, is out for the world to see, it's clear as day to see he's done the same thing with characters from DC who have never gotten much love. Today, as you scroll through social media, you'll find a plethora of fans talking about how nice King Shark (Sylvester Stallone) looks while expressing the utmost sympathy for the heart of the newest DC film — Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior).

From the moment Ratcatcher 2 is introduced as an excessively sleepy inmate of Belle Reve, she's instantly relatable. She may be a criminal, but from the way she tries to befriend King Shark, it's clear she has a good heart deep down, even if she hasn't always made the best choices. Her arc ends with her summoning an army of rats to take down Starro, which is intercut with a surprisingly emotional flashback of the antihero with her father, the original Ratcatcher (Taika Waititi). It's easy to get caught up in the moment with tears streaming down your face, but there's something about everything that transpires in the finale that doesn't quite add up.

Why didn't Ratcatcher 2 call upon a horde of rats sooner?

We see in the beginning how Ratcatcher 2 has the ability to command rats at her will. She even gets quite a few together when King Shark gets out of hand and tries to eat her one evening. Obviously, rats are plentiful on the island, which makes it weird that she only decided to show off the true extent of her powers at the very end. As Starro rampages through a city, Ratcatcher 2 rounds up a swarm of what must consist of thousands, if not millions, of rodents to attack Starro simultaneously. It turns the tide of the battle, but once you see the attack, you'll wonder why she only saves her true power for extreme situations.

Ratcatcher 2's powers come from a device built by her father. It's not like she has some innate ability to command them and would become weak if she used it all the time. We assume the device is always capable of controlling this many rats, and if Ratcatcher 2 had decided to use it more often, many people could've survived.

The original plan is merely to destroy Jotunheim. She could've had her rats come to her and equipped them with explosives to blow up the building without any humans (or man-sharks) stepping foot inside the treacherous area. Numerous squad members would've lived for Amanda Waller to use on future missions, but we suppose that Ratcatcher 2 wouldn't have become friends with all of her criminal compatriots without the journey. Hopefully, the next time Ratcatcher 2 finds herself in a jam, she doesn't wait to use the full extent of her powers.