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The Controversial Breaking Bad Scene 32% Would Have Refused To Film

"Breaking Bad" became an instant small screen success when it debuted on AMC in the early days of 2008, and over the course of its ensuing five-season run, the series proved to be the very definition of must-see TV. To this day, it's widely regarded as one of the most perfect television shows ever. Those who continue to champion the series typically credit its brilliant performances, strong direction, and exceptional scripting for making it such a supremely wild ride from start to finish, with the show managing to deliver head-spinning twists and shocking betrayals virtually every single episode. 

Indeed, when it comes to genuinely shocking narrative twists and turns, few shows have ever outdone "Breaking Bad." It seems, however, that there's one scene in particular even die-hard fans would've categorically refused to shoot. Is it the excruciating murder of Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) in the show's final season? Or did Walt (Bryan Cranston) shamefully watching Jane (Krysten Ritter) die of an overdose prove to be too far of a narrative twist for the "Breaking Bad" fandom? It turns out, of the 636 "Breaking Bad" fans Looper recently surveyed on the matter, most actually chose a jaw-dropping moment from the first half of the show's fifth and final season as the one scene that would be too much.

Breaking Bad fans have a hard time with the end of its train heist episode

The "Breaking Bad" scene in question is a legit doozy in a barn-burning final season that just so happens to be chock full of them. The moment comes in the season's fifth episode, which finds Walt, Jesse (Aaron Paul), and Todd (Jesse Plemmons) planning and executing a daring train heist that will keep them stocked up on fresh methylamine for the foreseeable future. The plan goes off without a hitch right up until the crew is spotted by an innocent kid on a dirtbike, who Todd icily murders while Jesse and Walt watch helplessly. 

The fateful scene made "Breaking Bad" fans' hearts drop, and 32% of the respondents in Looper's recent poll claimed they wouldn't have been able to shoot it. Unsurprisingly, it seems that harming children is where most "Breaking Bad" fans draw the line, as the plot twist that turned off the second-highest amount of the polled fans was Walt manipulating Jesse by poisoning the child of his lover Andrea (Emily Rios). 25% of the poll's respondents admitted they couldn't have endured that turn of events, either. Hank's and Jane's death scenes ended up being a touch less button-pushing, with only around 12% and 10% of fans drawing the line at those moments. 

Likewise, a pair of Season 4 shockers involving Giancarlo Esposito's Gus Fring (his savage murder of a loyal ally, and his own gory, explosive death) didn't entirely turn fans off, with only 8% and 11% of those polled saying they couldn't have filmed those scenes.