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The MCU's Benedict Wong Weighs In On A Possible Loki Team Up - Exclusive

After a slew of COVID setbacks, fans finally got to experience the highly anticipated Disney+ series "Loki" — and with it, the Marvel multiverse officially became part of the MCU. The Tom Hiddleston-led series has officially pushed the cinematic canon deep into its fourth phase, and if it wasn't clear already, things are about to get super weird. We already know that the events of another Disney+ series, "WandaVision," will be integral to the "Doctor Strange" sequel, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," but what about Loki? Considering his show just blew the multiverse doors wide open, it only seems fair that the trickster Asgardian would have a role in the film actually titled to explore the subject.

Of course, fans are hard at work speculating whether or not our favorite Norse God will team up with (or against) the multiverse's most magical doctor, but as it stands now, it's simply speculation. You'd be hard-pressed to get an answer out of Disney (or the franchise's NDA-bound actors), but that shouldn't stop us from trying. And hey, with Tom Holland around, anything is possible. 

To that end, Looper spoke to Benedict Wong, who plays Strange's sidekick, to hear his thoughts on a potential Loki team-up. As you might imagine, his answer was more than a little vague. 

Will we get a Loki and Wong team up?

On Loki's story intertwining with the multiverse, we asked Benedict Wong if he thinks that Loki and Wong could work together in the future. "Oh, God, anything's possible with a power like that, isn't it? So I found out," he said. If the MCU TV series clued us in on anything, it's undoubtedly Loki's power — no matter what universe he's from.

"It's great. I mean, I'm a big old nerd, and I've collected Marvel comics, and this is a great way of them paying me back for all those years as a boy. And to play a character called Wong is, there's a weird, strange alignment going on, and I never questioned the Matrix. Just enjoy it." And based on the slate of movies and TV shows the MCU has in store for fans, there's a lot to enjoy.

Fans of Wong's vast catalog of work can tune into his uplifting new film "Nine Days" in theaters now.