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Why The Latest Y:1883 Casting News Has Yellowstone Fans Upset

"Yellowstone" fans got great news about the upcoming prequel series when some of the principal cast members were finally revealed. "Y:1883" landed three massive stars in Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill, but it seems the decision to place such well-known individuals at the center of the show has proven divisive.

The prequel series, described by MTV Entertainment Group CEO Chris McCarthy as an origin story, per Deadline, revolves around the great-grandparents of John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Those characters are named James and Margaret Dutton and will be portrayed by two of the biggest names in country music, real-life married couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. In "Y:1883," viewers will watch the Duttons set out on a journey toward the promised land of Montana guided by a cowboy named Shea Brennan, played by veteran actor Sam Elliot.

While landing huge names like Hill, McGraw, and Elliot for the project is an excellent sign regarding the studio's commitment to helping "Y:1883" live up to expectations, not everyone was pleased. Here is why the big casting news for the "Yellowstone" prequel has left some fans upset.

Most were pleased with Elliot's casting, but some felt McGraw and Hill weren't right for the roles

While Kevin Costner offered a friendly response to the new cast joining "Y:1883," a vocal segment of fans took to social media to provide their opinion on the matter, revealing some diverse thoughts on the subject.

The most common reaction to the casting was that Hill and McGraw didn't have the experience to represent the Dutton family. Reddit user u/Desepticon asked, "Have they ever acted? Seems an odd choice," while u/Sturgill_Jennings77 wrote, "Idk.. I'm just not a big fan of having Tim and faith play two main characters." However, another user, u/Iheartsev, responded, "You do know Tim McGraw has TWENTY-NINE movie and tv film credits dating back nearly 20 years? And Faith Hill has 16 actor credits."

Not everything that fans had to say was negative. Reddit user u/2khaslowiq split the difference, writing, "Sam Elliot yes Faith n Tim no," while another user, u/__Vanguard, was all in, stating, "Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are going to have natural chemistry considering they have been married for so long. I have also loved Sam Elliott in everything I've seen him in." One user, u/Taker2523, gave the kind of support that "Y:1883" was likely hoping for when the show found its cross-over stars, explaining, "I'm a country music fan so this is awesome! Plus Sam Elliott!"

Paramount+ hasn't announced a release date for "Y:1883," but "Yellowstone" Season 4 returns to the Paramount Network in November.