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Magical Girl Site Season 2 - What We Know So Far

In early 2018, Production doA released an anime adaptation of the popular manga series "Magical Girl Site," which centers around a severely depressed and abused middle school student named Aya Asagiri who stumbles upon a website that grants girls powerful magical abilities. While the animation style appears cute and potentially cheerful, don't be fooled, as it hides a very dark and twisted story about power and manipulation as the protagonist and other young girls face an end of the world situation. The show quickly introduces a handful of other "magical girls" with a connection to the site, some becoming Aya's friends, while others are new enemies. 

The first season of the anime adaptation of "Magical Girl Site" ran from April to June 2018, with 12 episodes in total. It can currently be streamed worldwide on Amazon Prime. While the story starts off closely following the plot of the manga, the season eventually ends with a diverting, original ending that leaves the story open for future seasons. But is a second season of "Magical Girl Site" in the cards? Here's everything we know so far about "Magical Girl Site" Season 2.

When will Magical Girl Site Season 2 come out?

While "Magical Girl Site" has developed a bigger following over the years since its release, the series didn't have a great run when it first premiered in 2018. A lot of the criticism comes from fans of the manga who didn't like how much the anime's plot varied from the original material. When the possibility of Season 2 for the show is discussed, many people urge others to just read the manga instead, which is definitely a bad sign for the future of "Magical Girl Site." With that in mind, it shouldn't be too big of a surprise to learn that a second season of the anime has unfortunately not been announced yet. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it will never happen. 

The world of anime production is a strange one, and many shows have new seasons released years after the previous one finished. For example, the popular anime "World Trigger" aired its first season from 2014 to 2016, and the second season didn't come out until five years after the first one ended, in January 2021. While "Magical Girl Site" might not have been successful initially, getting picked up as an exclusive anime release from Amazon is no small feat, and it could really increase the chances of Production doA making more episodes. For fans of "Magical Girl Site," just keep your fingers crossed that news of a second season comes soon. 

What characters will feature in Magical Girl Site Season 2?

"Magical Girl Site" has quite a few important characters who play a key role in Aya's life, whether in a positive or negative way. At the beginning of the story, Aya's older brother Kaname physically abuses her at home, taking out his anger at their father on her, while a group of bullies at school, led by Sarina, Ai, and Erika, mercilessly and dangerously torment Aya everyday. This leads Aya to find the magical website that grants her a special toy-like gun that transports people away from her. After Aya discovers this magic, she starts meeting other girls like her, who reveal that there's a lot more to the site than there first appears. 

One of Aya's biggest allies is a girl named Tsuyuno whose magic allows her to freeze time. The two then search for and team up with other magical girls like Nijimi, Kosame, Kiyoharu, and Asahi, as well as a few others. As the girls investigate the apocalyptic event predicted by the site, they come across people hunting down the magical girls, like Rina, while there are mysterious site managers, such as Nana who gives Aya her "wand" (the gun), who are enacting a plan for an omnipotent leader named The King. With Aya constantly meeting new magical girls and people involved in the site's conspiracy, there's an expansive set of interesting characters in "Magical Girl Site," and there are sure to be more introduced in new episodes. 

What will happen in Magical Girl Site Season 2?

Based on the manga that ran from 2013 to 2019, "Magical Girl Site" focuses on Aya, whose life is forever changed when she receives a magical gun that transports people to far away locations, leading to an incident where two of Aya's school bullies die. Aya blames herself for their deaths, but then another magical girl named Tsuyuno appears, revealing a deep conspiracy about magic and an apocalyptic event known as the "Tempest." As the girls further investigate the Tempest, they start to realize that the magic all of the girls have is damaging to them, limiting their lifespans, and it can be extremely dangerous. "Magical Girl Site" gets very dark, with storylines that deal with issues like abuse and depression, while there's a lot of violence in scenes where the girls fight against magical hunters or the bad people in their life, like Aya's abuser, her brother Kaname. 

In Season 1 of the anime, Aya and Tsuyuno face a lot of hardship and loss, but in the end they are able to stop the site managers and the King from gaining enough power to execute the Tempest, saving the world. The show also leaves it open for more adventures, as the King vows revenge. Although the end of the anime diverts from the source material, there's also more to the manga story that the show could cover in some way going forward. On the other hand, Aya and Tsuyuno get a relatively happy ending at the end of the first season, so "Magical Girl Site" definitely has the potential to shift the focus to other magical girls affected by the site and start a whole new story.