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The Demon From American Horror Stories' Ba'al Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Special effects movie makeup can transform even the most beautiful people on the planet into grotesque, terrifying monsters. The latest Netflix dating show, "Sexy Beasts," uses this concept to challenge singles to focus more on a potential match's personality instead of their looks. Of course, no one does it quite like horror films and TV shows.

"American Horror Story" has done this plenty of times across nine seasons, with the most dramatic transformation being Naomi Grossman's role as the microcephalic Pepper in "Asylum and "Freak Show." The actress has gone viral on TikTok for showing before-and-after pictures of herself and the character.

Of course, terrifying transformations occur on the show's new spin-off "American Horror Stories" as well. In "Ba'al," the titular demon is summoned following a cruel plot gone wrong. By the end of the episode, though, the gargantuan killer shares a steamy moment with Liv (Billie Lourd), who wants the fertility deity to impregnate her.

So, who is underneath the demonic costume?

Actor, baller, demon

Actor and former basketball player Dane DiLiegro portrays the massive, winged creature in "American Horror Stories." His IMDB trivia points out that he "typically plays roles of extremely tall or larger than life characters" because of his 6'9” stature.

DiLiegro shared behind the scenes pictures of the makeup process to his Instagram, saying it was "a true honor and pleasure to have been brought on to play the ever so lovely ba'al... we created some lives, ended some as well, and couldn't have had more fun doing it."

He also appeared in "Rubber (Wo)man Part 2" in what he called "one of the most blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments in television history" at the Halloween festival. In addition to these scary characters, he's also had roles in "Side Hustle," "Sweet Home," and "The Walking Dead" and appeared in music videos and advertisements.

DiLiegro may be a new face to the FX franchise but with his height and ability to embody monstrous characters, he'll likely be back.