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The Creepiest Mask Revealed In The Sexy Beasts Trailer So Far

Gone are the days of the traditional dating show. ABC's "The Bachelor" may have a nearly two-decade head start, a variety of spin-offs, and a devoted fanbase, but Netflix is aiming to change the reality dating game. With shows like "Dating Around," "Too Hot to Handle," and "Love on the Spectrum," the streaming service has proven its ability to create buzz-worthy content.

The streamer's latest addition to the genre, "Sexy Beasts," has a similar message to "Love is Blind," but with a major twist: professional-grade prosthetics. Contestants aren't just slightly altering their facial features, though. The "Sexy Beasts" singles are completely transformed into identity-concealing costumes — ranging from buck-toothed rodents to bugs complete with bobbling antennas — in order to determine whether personality is more important than looks.

While "Sexy Beasts" aims to challenge the norm of dating solely based on appearance, underneath all of the wacky costumes are conventionally attractive people. Naturally, the online reaction to the series' trailer was mostly focused on mocking the show's concept. However, the sheer bizarreness of watching first dates traipse around town donning garish, animalistic outfits is enough to draw in viewers. The trailer offers a glimpse at the single Sexy Beasts and their disguises — but of all the unsettling transformations, which is the creepiest?

The dolphin mask is a little too realistic

Somehow, the dolphin prosthetic is the creepiest reveal in the "Sexy Beasts" trailer. Not the devil and its slithering tongue, even when it's kissing a mandrill in the rain. Not even the leopard toting a shotgun is as disturbing as that smooth, lifeless dolphin mask.

Sure, it's no "Tusk," but the aquatic creature-turned-Sexy-Beast inspires fear given its lack of any cartoonish qualities. The other prosthetics offer exaggerated, brightly-colored takes on what they're trying to portray, but the dolphin remains fierce in its realism. There's nothing silly about it, which is what makes it so haunting.

The "Sexy Beasts" trailer shows the dolphin bowling with a bug and riding in a carriage with a rhino, who jokes about "interspecies dating." The worst moment, though, is when the dolphin has drinks with a scarecrow. First dates are inherently awkward, but the scarecrow nervously says, "I like your fin," and the dolphin lets out a fake giggle. It's creepy and it's cringeworthy and, as the trailer voiceover says, it's "the strangest blind date ever."

"Sexy Beasts" begins streaming on Netflix on July 21.