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New Stranger Things 4 Teaser Sees Things Getting Out Of Control

Netflix has a lot of hype surrounding its original series and films, but the excitement and anticipation for "Stranger Things" is an entirely different Demogorgon. Since its premiere in 2016, it seems like the entire world pauses whatever it's doing in order to catch up with what crazy things are happening in Hawkins, Indiana. And with the wait for a new season being the longest it's ever been, in part due to delays from the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased scope of an already expensive and expansive franchise, it's safe to say that the excitement around "Stranger Things" Season 4 has reached an even higher, feverish, rabid pitch. The people are hungry for Hawkins and Netflix knows it.

That's why, instead of getting a press release here and a trailer there, the marketing around the fourth installment has been an event in and of itself. We've gotten carefully constructed "Stranger Things" teasers and tidbits, along with the occasional rumor, and now we have, as absurd as it sounds, a teaser for its next trailer.

Stranger Things Season 4 seems to be getting even strangerer

The new "Stranger Things" sneak peek Netflix released is only 40 seconds long, but don't let that fool you. Many cuts last fractions of a second, making it the perfect fodder for the most dedicated fans to dissect and the rest of them to watch the dissection. There's so much going on that we can't possibly get to it all right now, but here are some of the highlights we saw. One of the blink-and-you-miss-it shots appears to show David Harbour's newly bald Jim Hopper alive but possibly not too well, as he wields a flamethrower at something off-camera. 

Another shows Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven struggling to escape from some shady-looking men in suits, which given the character's history, doesn't look good for her. There are big hints suggesting that we will get a definite answer for exactly when we can expect from Hawkins and beyond in exactly one week, on August 13.