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Biggest Unanswered Questions In The Suicide Squad

"The Suicide Squad" is an awesome, scary, hilarious, badass, and ultimately heartwarming movie. It's also a pretty straightforward movie, one whose loose ends get wrapped up pretty thoroughly. To repeat, for emphasis: most of the loose ends. We picked out some of the biggest unanswered questions from "The Suicide Squad" and we're here to organize the threads left dangling.

Before we dive in, let's make something clear: none of these are "plot holes." They're simply what it says on the tin: unanswered questions. They might be answered in future properties, they might hint at something that'll never come, or they might just be fanfic bait. They make for interesting lines of thought and points of discussion. It's hard to say the movie had many, if any, plot holes, and there's no point in looking too hard for them in a movie about a telepathic starfish. Thought experiments, though? Those are fun.

How did Blackguard contact the hostiles and betray Task Force X?

The first action scene of the movie sees part of Task Force X land in the water and set up for a beach assault. Blackguard walks out first and reveals that he sold everyone out to the hostiles, completely blowing everyone's cover and plan. He then promptly gets his face blown off for his troubles and kicks off a firefight that kills almost everyone on the beach.

This raises the first unanswered question of the movie: How could he have possibly reached them while locked up? He's in a heavy security prison, likely being monitored for much of the day. How did he find his way around this, especially in the short amount of time between getting his assignment and deployment, and contact the soldiers in Corto Maltese? Seeing as he's the first death of the movie, it's unlikely we'll ever get the true story.

Was the first beach assault team picked specifically to get killed?

This goes hand in hand with the question of how Blackguard betrayed everyone. Though she's an expert at appearances, Amanda Waller doesn't know everything about everybody. She was, after all, completely blindsided by Bloodsport's fear of rats — and seemingly didn't know that Blackguard was going to blow everyone's cover immediately. But it's hard not to wonder if she saw this group, which she noted was a diversion, as even more disposable than the average Task Force X operation.

This is a pretty pathetic group of heroes. Weasel drowns almost immediately, but it's hard to say what Weasel could have contributed under the best of circumstances. Harley is a fan favorite, but "audience popularity" doesn't make up for the fact that she doesn't have many skills that would help in a firefight — and she survived largely by dumb luck. TDK is particularly pathetic, only using his detachable arms to lightly slap his opponents.

Characters occasionally remark that they didn't pick the team, which is true — Waller did, and she's willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to get what she wants. Did this group just have bad luck or were they always cannon fodder?

How do we know if the Maltese Resistance are the good guys?

The Maltese Resistance works in concert with Task Force X for a decent part of the movie, united by a few shared goals. Their main directive, which Task Force X does not share, is the liberation of their country from the military dictatorship. This is obviously a worthy goal, but we're given no concrete reassurance that the resistance in and of itself is a noble group. Sol Soria absolutely suffered under previous regimes, which is solid motivation but not proof of intent after the revolution.

This is a country that was ruled by one family with an iron fist before a military coup took over for over three decades. Nearly identical stories have happened countless times throughout human history, and it's not uncommon for the resistance heroes to become authoritarians themselves. The movie ends with a news report declaring that the rebels will set up democratic elections, and time will tell if we see the end result of those elections in upcoming DCEU movies. Most likely they will indeed become a democracy, but the threat will always loom and makes for an interesting discussion point.

How did Peacemaker survive getting shot in the neck?

This is one question we know is going to get some kind of an answer, and we've known for some time. Bloodsport shot Peacemaker in the neck and left him to bleed out in the rubble. That's about as certain a killshot as one can get. Yet the post-credits scene shows Peacemaker in a hospital, and Waller's underlings saying that he'll help save the world.

This is all setting up for the HBO Max "Peacemaker" series, so there's a near 100% chance that we'll either see or hear about his rescue and survival. But even so ... a shot to the neck is a shot to the neck. He may be a fighter, but that's a hard thing to overcome — especially from one of Bloodsport's proprietary bullets. We'll just have to wait and see on this one.

Either way, it just shows what wrestling fans have known for years: John Cena never gives up, and recovers from injury at miraculous speed. Let's see if Peacemaker can win the Royal Rumble.

What's going to happen to Weasel?

Weasel is the definition of a throwaway character. In fact, Weasel is several different kinds of throwaway. He drowns pretty much right away, with his meaningless death helping set the movie's comic and violent sensibilities. But he's also a literal throwaway character, as in he was thrown away, out of a helicopter. But wait! A post-credits scene reveals that Weasel survived! He coughs up some water and wanders into the woods, seemingly oblivious to everything that transpired.

Now what?

Seriously, though, what happens now? Will we ever see Weasel again? Did Weasel get immunity due to Bloodsport's deal with Waller, or was he exempt since he knows nothing of the hard drive? Will Weasel become the Bigfoot of Corto Maltese? There's so many unanswered questions here, certainly enough to justify a short on HBO Max — or at least some bonkers fanfic. The possibilities for more Weasel are endless.

Will Amanda Waller's staff face any repercussions for attacking her?

Amanda Waller is a dangerous person to be associated with under any circumstances. If you're her enemy, you're probably going to die. If you're her ally, she could turn on you the moment you're no longer useful — at which point, she doesn't care if you live or die. Even if you're a loyal employee, you might end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and — as her team in the first "Suicide Squad' movie learned — she'll probably kill you herself.

Given that she once executed her own team entirely because they accidentally ended up in a mission they weren't cleared for, it's easy to see why people fear her. As such, it took an incomprehensible amount of courage for her team to literally knock her out and let Task Force X save the day here. The question is, will she let that violent insubordination stand?

The movie ends after Starro is defeated and Bloodsport makes his deal with Waller. What her team knows of the deal is uncertain, but also doesn't matter. What does matter is that they struck one of the most dangerous and vindictive people on Earth in the head, and it's hard to see them getting away with that. Even if she's not going to kill them, she certainly has other ways of making their lives hell — and it's unlikely they'll get off scot free.