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The Disturbing Detail AHS Fans Ignored About Lee Harris

With Easter eggs hidden across all nine seasons, it's not surprising that fans of "American Horror Story" often go back to rewatch old episodes in hopes of discovering new details. Bringing their finds to the show's subreddit, fans join forces to flesh out potential meanings behind them.

A recent post by u/EmergencySyrup7605 revealed a detail about Lee Harris (Adina Porter) in "Roanoke" that took them four rewatches to uncover. The mashup season of reality TV and historical horror is often considered to be one of the anthology's most underrated seasons. The main storyline revolves around Lee's missing daughter, Flora (Simone Baker), and the supernatural events that surround her disappearance.

However, fans noticed an odd detail about Lee's first daughter, Emily, who also went missing but was never found. There are many fan theories about Emily, but there's one thing that fans may have overlooked.

So, what disturbing detail about Lee Harris did fans just notice?

What actually happened to Emily?

Despite her best efforts to keep Emily's disappearance off of the show-within-a-show "My Roanoke Nightmare," the crew asks about what happened. Lee shares that she was only 17 when she had her first daughter, who went missing at age four.

She was running errands, leaving Emily in the car when she went to the grocery store to "grab some sauce real fast." When she returned, though, Emily was gone, and she never saw her again. The Redditor said, "Why am I just realizing that Lee Harris killed her first daughter" and explained that the young mother tried to cover up the accidental death caused by the summer heat.

Some users were impressed by the observation, saying they'd never considered that theory, but it was "totally plausible." However, u/GregDasta disagreed and referenced the message medium Cricket Marlowe (Leslie Jordan) passes along from the presumably deceased Emily to Lee, who asked why her mother had stopped looking for her.

Lee's increasingly erratic behavior throughout the season suggests that she could simply be a traumatized mother reeling from the loss of two daughters, but knowing "American Horror Story," it's possible there's more to her story than meets the eye.