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The Fan Theory That Changes Everything On AHS: Roanoke

"American Horror Story: Roanoke" is something of a bugaboo of a season for "AHS" fans. Set both in the far-flung past and the current, reality show-obsessed present, it goes back to 1850 and peeks at the Roanoke Colony disappearances, then it explores what happens when a reality show about supernatural hauntings collides with a house built on a location with a very nasty backstory. There's a falling chandelier, many bloody murders, and Lady Gaga appearing as a Scottish warrior woman. 

Years later, fans of the franchise still like to play with Roanoke's mythology. In fact, they like to speculate over whether or not one character from "Roanoke" might have a truly mysterious connection to a character from "Apocalypse." Were the theory true, it might serve to further bind the various portions of the larger "AHS" universe together. Who's the character, what's the connection, and how does the theory upend everything you know about the larger "American Horror Story" universe?

Is Emily from AHS: Apocalypse the missing daughter of Lee from Roanoke?

The "American Horror Story" universe is heavily interlayered with crossover events, which is why this fan theory wouldn't be too big of a shock if it turns out to be true.

"I feel like Emily is Lee's missing daughter from Roanoke," posted u/telekineticeleven011 to the "American Horror Story" subreddit. They point out that in "Roanoke," Lee Harris mentions that she had a daughter, Emily. Emily disappeared during a trip to the grocery store when she was four, a plot point that is never resolved during Lee's story in Roanoke. 

"Than in Apocalypse we see this girl named Emily [Campbell] who supposedly has 'special DNA within her' sent to Outpost with Timothy. What if Emily from Apocalypse is Lee's missing daughter? I feel like it's definitely a possibility," wrote /u/telekineticeleven011. It's a theory that would both explain why Emily abruptly disappeared from Lee's car and why she would be selected specifically to be sent to Outpost.

"i was thinking emily was either lee's daughter or one of kit's [from American Horror Story: Asylum] great grandchildren," added /u/ahs_hailey. 

Other members demurred. "It's possible but I'm pretty sure Emily is dead. That's why Cricket was able to pass her message along to Lee from the spirit world," noted /u/GregDasta. 

But what if Cricket was lying about the encounter? In the "AHS" universe, anything at all is possible. Either way, it's one wild theory to puzzle out.